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Congrats Kenji, Winner of the Fall 200 Hour Teacher Training Scholarship

We are so happy that Kenji will be part of the Fall 200 Teacher Training class.

It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it. We had an awesome pool of scholarship applicants for our Fall 200 Hour Teacher Training. But one of them really stood out. Congratulations PFY Wayne karma yogi Kenji Yamashita! He’s an excellent person inside and out, and we are happy to give him our accolades and award.

You can still be in Kenji’s class. Our Fall 200 Hour Teacher Training starts Saturday, 10/7. Save $300 if you sign up by Friday, 9/15 just in time for the early bird special. If you have any questions, please contact us so we can help you start this important and life-changing journey.

Now, drum roll please, let’s get to know Kenji!

PFY: What got you interested in yoga?
Kenji: I always have been a fan of stretching and proper balance. However, I had limited knowledge about yoga. I played multiple sports since age 5. I have used deep stretching as a form of practice. I took my first yoga sessions during the 2012 college football season at Fairmont State University. It was not until 2014 when I was introduced to hot yoga at Powerflow in Clifton. My mom suggested I attend a basics class with her. I knew that this form of practice was very beneficial for various reasons. I took more than one year off due to an ankle injury that cost me my full time job. By January of 2017, I needed a positive change and became a karma yogi for PFY Wayne. Since then, yoga has been beneficial for my progress toward a healthier life overall. My mom knew I would benefit from it. I just needed to focus and give it a try. I am glad I did!

PFY: What is your day (night) job, and how does yoga help you manage it?
Kenji: Since starting my karma yogi position on Saturdays from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm, I have held a few jobs. Initially, it was quite a task on weekends to juggle my full-time, part-time and work exchange. I was working for a fine artist in NYC, but the commute was a bear. My part-time job was working security until 3 am. Even though the hours were long, my mind motivated my body to get it done. After 5 weeks of that, I took a job as a mold maker for an architectural restoration company. This job entailed heavy lifting, strength, stamina, mathematics, precision, focus, consistent driving, and most of all, getting down and dirty. Since my job seemed like a full-time work out, yoga was the only thing to help offset the rigorous daily grind. I have now moved on to much lighter but very engaging work. I’m now working for a start-up company called Fountain Greetings. We essentially send handwritten cards and curated gifts on behalf of individuals and companies, so feel free to check out our site! I’m Head of Ops, as well as support to the Creative Department. Yoga has brought me endurance and a larger grasp on balance to tackle the challenges that come my way.

PFY: Why do you want to take yoga teacher training?
Kenji: I always thought about it. To participate in a 200 hour teacher training would deepen my practice and knowledge of yoga. I want to push my limits beyond what I have gained from the classes. Another enticing factor was my love for yin yoga. That will be the next training I plan to complete.

PFY: Do you plan to teach classes? Why?
Kenji: I want to be a positive influence for other athletes and people who want a positive change both mentally and physically. Teaching yoga is an excellent medium to reach these outlets. If there is an opportunity to someday teach and share the knowledge, I will certainly give it a try. For now, I am taking it one day at a time. Stay tuned!

PFY: What does yoga mean to you?
Kenji: Yoga is a very important part of my life because it has so many avenues. Mainly, meditation has helped me time and time again to get over my aliments, and it acts as a sleeping aid for me. Breathing is another essential element that people do not realize, and it is very important when maintaining poses and self control. I want to give back to this practice by learning more from it, then passing the knowledge on to others.

PFY: What is your favorite pose, music, TV show/movie?
Kenji: Hard for me to just choose one. My favorite poses are Happy Baby, Twisted Chair, Crow and Savasana. My favorite movies are Ace Ventura, Heavyweights and Inception. Favorite shows are Shameless, Vice Principals, Entourage and Game of Thrones.

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