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4 Reasons You Should Take 21 Classes in 31 days

We’re challenging you to take 21 hot yoga classes in 31 days

Have you heard about our upcoming 21 in 31 Challenge in October? We decided to shake things up because, well, 20 in 30 was becoming so been there, done that. Powerflow Yoga’s 21 in 31 is president and teacher Alison McCue’s signature hot yoga challenge. She created it to help you push your body and mind to your edge. 

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Sign up now because it starts October 1: 21 hot yoga classes in 31 days! Anyone that completes the challenge will receive 21 percent off a retail purchase from now through the end of the year. Also, we will give one winner from each studio a One Month Unlimited yoga package. So what are you waiting for? You’ve got this. If PFY teacher and marketing assistant Michael Simpson can do it, trust us—so can you. Here are four reasons right below:


1. You can use the “21 in 31 excuse” year-round

So why do 21 in 31? Because you will do more hot yoga! It’s the perfect way to get you out of the house and into the studio. PFY Glen Rock manager Julie Mazanec discovered a neat little trick. If your spouse doesn’t practice at PFY, they don’t know when the challenge really is. “A few years ago, I told my husband that we were having 20 in 30 in January just so I could take more yoga classes,” says Mazanec. He apparently didn’t notice that January has 31 days. Or that we don’t actually host this particular challenge in January.


2. You can try different types of yoga during 21 in 31

21 in 31 is the perfect time to try different types of yoga. Did you know we added a barre in PFY Livingston? Stop by to meet our new studio manager, Nicole Dockx. She is going to teach a new class called Hot Powerflow Fusion. It’s an integrated approach that will help you strengthen your body. You will use weights, tune up balls and the barre.

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Workshops count as two classes. Deb Donnally and Crystal Paone will be teaching their popular Meditation and Mindfulness workshop on 10/21 at PFY Chatham. It’s like a much-needed bubble bath after a long day. Check out your local studio’s class schedule for more workshops.

3. 21 in 31 helps us build community and camaraderie

It’s a fun time of year because the studios are packed with eager students. 21 in 31 gives you a chance to practice with like-minded people. You might even make a few new friends! “On top of it all, the sense of community and camaraderie is something that I really enjoy,” says PFY Chatham manager Siobhan Wright. There is nothing better than hanging out with extraordinary people. Your vibe is your tribe. 21 in 31 raises that vibration to the next level.


4. Start thinking of your Halloween costume for the final day of 21 in 31

The best part about 21 in 31 is that now the last day of the challenge is Halloween! We’ll make sure to have some really fun classes on October 31. Michael Simpson–PFY’s resident drag queen–is teaching one of PFY’s annual Halloween hot yoga classes this year. PFY teacher and marketing manager Kristen Kemp will teach in her signature unicorn attire. We’re most excited to see PFY Morristown manager Nicole Stambo’s costume. She’s going for a couple’s costume this year with her adorable tiger-striped dog, Marley. When asked what she was dressing up as, she put simply, “Jasmine and Raja. Duh.” What will you dress up as for Halloween?

Don’t miss out on all of the fun! Come try different types of yoga during 21 in 31. Sign up now at your home studio.

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