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Welcome to The Powerflow School of Yoga Teacher Trainings, where we stand proud as one of New Jersey’s top-rated yoga teacher training programs. Our diverse offerings cater to your unique journey, empowering you to become a confident and skilled yoga teacher.

Explore Our Transformative Programs:

200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training: Led by Stacey Bell, this program is your gateway to becoming a certified yoga teacher. Dive deep into the essence of yoga, honing your skills in teaching, philosophy, and more.

35-Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training: Elevate your yoga practice with our 35-hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training, expertly led by Stacey Bell. Whether you’re a student or teacher, immerse yourself in two transformative weekends, delving into the healing, re-balancing, and contemplative essence of Yin Yoga. Embrace this welcome complement to a dynamic Yang practice, providing balance in an active and often stressful life.

25-Hour Fusion Training: Our 25-Hour Fusion Teacher Training, led by Jess Byrne, offers an immersive experience in our dynamic Hot Powerflow Fusion class, focusing on strength, flexibility, and coordination. Learn to incorporate specialized props like weights, tune-up balls, and The Barre to activate specific muscle groups. Perfect for yoga instructors, personal trainers, and fitness enthusiasts looking to diversify their skills and gain a comprehensive understanding of this powerful practice.

Our exceptional trainers offer an honest, non-dogmatic approach, empowering you to apply traditional yoga in a modern context. For two decades, we’ve nurtured hundreds of yoga teachers across New Jersey, united by the transformative spirit of yoga.

Your journey with us goes beyond certification—it’s about building lifelong connections with a community of like-minded souls. Join us to explore the true essence of yoga and uncover the depths of who you truly are.

Enroll in The Powerflow School of Yoga today and experience a life-changing adventure!

Trainings at The Powerflow School of Yoga are certified by Yoga Alliance. Upon completion of the 200 Hour Training, you will become a RYT-200 yoga teacher. To maintain your RYT-200 status, you must do 75 hours of continuing education every three years.