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Powerflow Yoga Retreats: Take your practice around the world

At the first glance, a yoga retreat may seem overwhelming—especially to a first-timer. Sure, it’s unnerving to step outside one’s comfort zone, but that’s where all the magic happens. Yoga helps us live in the world more open-heartedly and open-mindedly; traveling does, too.

Powerflow Yoga Retreats are unforgettable experiences: Travel near and far without worrying where you’ll find a good yoga class. Our teachers are warm, friendly and knowledgeable. They’ll lead daily yoga and meditation classes to help you check in, catch your breath and chill out. Unpack your baggage, and get healthy in the company of soon-to-be friends you’ll never forget.

Immerse yourself in yoga, mindfulness and culture

We offer holistic holidays for every occasion: Maybe you are coming for a couple days of digital detox, or are looking for a major life change. You can hop in the car for a quick-and-easy weekender, or grab your passport and meet us in paradise. Check out our upcoming getaways below, and see what catches your eye. With so many options available, it’s hard to decide on which trips to spend your PTO.

Powerflow Yoga Retreats offer the emotional, spiritual or simply fun recharge you’ve been craving. The best news? We will figure out all the boring where-when-how stuff. Take our suggestions, or feel free to send your time exactly as you wish.

Upcoming Yoga Retreats in 2020

Relax and Recharge in Vernon, New Jersey

with Emma Kealy and Nicole Dockx

March 27 to 29

Hang out with Emma Kealy and Nicole Dockx at Relax and Recharge, a local wellness retreat at Crystal Springs Resort in Vernon, New Jersey. Enjoy a daily reset featuring invigorating yoga classes and Powerflow Fusion workouts, delicious dinners with wine, and rejuvenating spa treatments. You don’t have to travel far to get away.

To learn more about Relax and Recharge, click here.

Vineyards and Vinyasa in Umbria, Italy

with Julie Margolis

May 9 to 16

Join Julie Margolis for Vineyards and Vinyasa, a European wine and yoga retreat in Umbria, Italy. Umbria is called Italy’s “Green Heart” known for its local cuisine, foraged truffles and delicious wines. Spend a week in Italy this May for the perfect wine and yoga retreat abroad.

Want to join us at Vineyards and Vinyasa? Click here for more information.

Replenish, Reset and Reintroduce in Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica

with Kate Goss

June 20 to 27

Feel the love with Kate Goss and Pam Terlizzi for a yoga and wellness retreat in Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica. Enjoy daily yoga to help you lighten up and relax before embarking on rainforest hikes. The views will leave you speechless. A fire ceremony and a sweat lodge visit round out this transformative Pura Vida getaway.

Learn more about Yoga and Wellness by clicking here.