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Meet the Powerflow Yoga Team


Powerflow Yoga wants to provide a safe and inspired space for you to heal and grow in all areas of your life: physically, mentally and spiritually. We strive to make people feel better inside and out. That’s exactly what hot power yoga has done for PFY owner, Jerry LePore and our entire Powerflow Yoga leadership team. Jerry’s story sums up the core values we have at Powerflow. Learn more about Powerflow Yoga’s leaders below.


Jerry LePore, Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Jerry founded Powerflow Yoga in 2008 after discovering the healing and transformative effects of a consistent yoga practice. He started taking hot power vinyasa after completing his first round of treatment for Hairy Cell Leukemia, a type of treatable but recurring blood cancer. “It’s important to stay as mentally and physically strong as you can. Yoga has played a big part in that for me.” Jerry communicates PFY’s vision to his Leadership Team and implements the overall strategy of the company. He’s most grateful that Powerflow Yoga enables him to work with like-minded people who share his vision of building a yoga community. He has over 19 years of management and CEO experience having previously worked in the medical education sector of the pharmaceutical industry. He loves creating an empowering and inspiring space for PFY’s 10,000+ students.

Alison McCue, President and Chief Marketing Officer

Alison was the co-owner and co-founder of Garden State Yoga before merging communities with Powerflow Yoga in 2014. Alison brings with her years of corporate marketing and management experience from her time spent in New York City and Texas. As President of PFY, Alison works closely with Jerry to provide strategic leadership for the company. Together, they work with the rest of the Leadership Team to establish long-range PFY goals, plans and policies. As Chief Marketing Officer, Alison is in charge of Powerflow Yoga’s marketing, branding and social media team.

She has been practicing yoga since 2002, and is thankful for a job in which she blends her passions for business, yoga and wellness.

Matt Passero, VP of Operations and Finance

Matt joined Powerflow Yoga in 2017 bringing with him extensive experience in financial reporting. Prior to PFY, Matt worked at larger financial companies like Silverpeak Real Estate Finance and JP Morgan Chase. But he currently loves the camaraderie of working with a smaller, growing company like PFY. As Matt transitioned into his role with PFY, he also developed a consistent yoga practice after years of off-and-on dabbling. Matt is usually the last one to leave the office, but when he finally does, he looks forward to cooking dinner with his wife, Kathryn.

Christine Joseph, Director of Teachers and Education

Christine has been involved with Powerflow Yoga since 2013, but officially joined the Leadership Team in 2017 as Director of Teachers and Education. Prior to Powerflow Yoga, Christine spent 10 years with Hewlett-Packard Financial Services creating, structuring and selling customized financial solutions for global accounts. At PFY, Christine creates all of our School of Yoga teacher trainings, organizes and plans our Yoga Retreats and oversees all teachers. As the liaison between the Leadership Team and PFY teachers, Christine ensures all Powerflow Yoga teachers and classes are the highest quality available.

Christine is most grateful, however, that PFY allows her to work side-by-side with her fur-daughter, Stella. When she’s not in the office, she’s usually on her yoga mat. Or she’s catching up on the latest Real Housewives scandal on her DVR.

Brian LePore, Director of Business Development

Brian has been locating, developing and closing new business relationships on behalf of Powerflow Yoga since 2014. Prior to his role as the Director of Business Development, Brian worked as a News Gatherer for NBC News and an Assignment Producer for NBC Sports. He finds Powerflow Yoga’s collaborative work environment inspiring and thoroughly enjoys the opportunity to work alongside his fellow team members. Outside of the office, Brian can be found sharing a good meal with his fiance, Carly.

Christina Kilelee, Regional Manager

Christina regularly took classes at Powerflow Yoga for 3 years before joining the Leadership Team in 2013 as Regional Manager. She brings with her years of management experience from her time spent working at Betsey Johnson. Christina oversees and manages all PFY studios, working directly with the studio managers to create a professional and welcoming environment at every Powerflow Yoga location.

Christina is most grateful that she is able to share her love of yoga with her 7- and 9-year-old daughters. When she gets home after a busy day, Christina looks forward to putting on a pair of cozy PJs and drinking a big cup of tea.

Stella Joseph, PFY Enthusiast

The original Down Dog, Stella joined the Leadership Team in 2013. She’s PFY’s resident Enthusiast, making sure everyone is happy and having fun at work. As a house dog for years prior to PFY, Stella brings with her incomparable experience in relaxation, comfort and luxury. When she’s not laying in funny positions on her bed, she’s usually licking sweat off PFY students or laying on someone’s shoes.

When she finally heads home after long workday, Stella looks forward to a gourmet dinner followed by a long belly rub. Her future ambitions include chasing and finally catching a squirrel and continually improving the public relations between humans and Pitbulls.