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25-Hour PFY Fusion Teacher Training

Experience the synergy of form and rhythm with our Hot Powerflow Fusion, a dynamic 50-minute fitness journey. This unique class guides you in strengthening muscles, enhancing flexibility, and refining coordination, focusing on your body’s full range of motion. The use of specialized props like weights and resistance bands ensures targeted activation of specific muscle groups such as the thighs, core, and glutes. By incorporating low-impact movements, our classes provide an exhilarating workout while minimizing the risk of injury.

This immersive training course introduces you to the six integral segments of our signature Hot Powerflow Fusion sequence, equipping you with the knowledge to share this powerful practice. You’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of how to incorporate tools like weights, tune-up balls, and The Barre into an existing fitness regimen. Our 25-Hour Fusion Teacher Training is the perfect opportunity for yoga instructors wanting to diversify their skills, personal trainers, and fitness enthusiasts who crave a deeper insight.



Jess boasts a rich background in dance, gymnastics, and competitive cheerleading, which paved the way for her profound connection with yoga over 15 years ago. This passion led her towards Powerflow Fusion classes and the Fusion Training program, where she discovered the perfect blend of a dynamic flow that engages major muscle groups, all set to the backdrop of energetic music.

In her classes, Jess infuses a positive and upbeat atmosphere, creating an enjoyable experience for her students. Now, she eagerly anticipates extending this experience to her trainees. She has further honed her expertise by completing the 200 Hour TT training through MY Vinyasa Practice. Throughout the pandemic, she remained dedicated to continuous learning, exploring training in Yin yoga, yoga therapy for anxiety, and trauma-informed yoga. These experiences have become valuable tools for her in crafting a safe, low-impact, full-body workout that she is eager to share with others.

When you attend Jess’s training sessions, you can expect to be both challenged and entertained, all while understanding the significance of fusion as a fitness approach. She prioritizes cultivating a secure and enjoyable environment for her students. Rest assured, after her training, you will leave feeling empowered and well-prepared to embrace the world of FUSION, and share the same passion for it as she does.