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The PFY 20 in 30 Challenge starts April 1

You love yoga. And you know the more days per month you practice yoga, the more often you’ll have a good day. 

Have the best month ever when you sign up for the PFY 20 in 30 Challenge. Every April and November, Powerflow Yoga students from all six studios attempt to take 20 yoga classes in 30 days. It’s a fun, sweaty event that brings together the whole Powerflow Yoga community. 

Want to join us? Keep reading below to sign up. 

Save 20% off a One Month Unlimited

Join the PFY 20 in 30 Challenge today, and save 20% when you purchase a One Month Unlimited. Just select your studio from the dropdown menu below, and use promo code APRIL at checkout.

Purchase until March 31. Discounted One Month Unlimited expires by April 30.

PFY 20 in 30 Bonus Raffle

Enter the free bonus raffle to save $500 off the next Powerflow School of Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training. They start Oct. 2023 at PFY Jersey City and PFY Livingston.

Please enter only once using the form below. The winner must have taken 20 Powerflow Yoga classes from April 1 to 30. We’ll announce with winner via Instagram on May 5. Good luck!

Community helps you stay committed

A community thrives when everyone works to achieve a common goal.

Meet your fellow yogis in the PFY 20 in 30 All Stars Facebook group. Here you’ll get exclusive access to special blog posts and helpful tips. Share your experiences and build up your peers, too.

Sign up for the PFY 20 in 30 Challenge

  1. Write your name on the 20 in 30 board at your home studio.
  2. Track your progress with the stickers provided.
  3. Take 20 PFY classes in 30 days.

Save 20% off a One Month Unlimited

Use promo code APRIL to save $20% off a regularly priced One Month Unlimited. Month expires 4/30.

Chatham, Livingston and Morristown

Clifton and Jersey City

Cheryl Barclay posing in anjaneyasana, low lunge hot yoga pose.

Enter to win $500 off the next PFY 200 Hour Training

The next Powerflow School of Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training starts Oct. 2023. And we’re raffling off a $500 scholarship toward the tuition.

No more complicated 20 in 30 Bonus Rounds. This year, we’re keeping things simple. Simply enter your information below, and we’ll announce the winner on May 5 via email and social media.

Teacher Training Raffle Entry