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Do something good for yourself. Apply for the Fall 2017 200 Hour Teacher Training Scholarship.

louredmondWe think you should apply for the 200 Hour: Find Your Power Teacher Training that starts this Fall. Beginning a 200 hour yoga teacher training is a huge undertaking. But we think you’re up for the challenge. Take your first leap of faith and apply for our 200 Hour Teacher Training Scholarship. We are so proud we’re able to give back to the PFY community. This year, we will cover half of your tuition, saving you $1950. The other half and any required books and materials is on you. We know this training with Stacey Bell and Carrie Parker will change your practice and your life. Stacey and Carrie will help you find your voice and your purpose.

Our last two recipients, Amanda Amatucci and Lou Redmond, walked into teacher training excited, eager and a little bit nervous. They walked out of teacher training passionate, inspired and ready to teach. Apply by Thursday, August 31. Fill out the application and email it back to us. We will do interviews starting Tuesday, September 5 and announce the winner on Friday, September 8. 

So how valuable is this scholarship? We asked Amanda and Lou what they thought about their memorable teacher training experiences. 

PFY: What is the coolest thing you’ve learned in your 200 hour teacher training?

Lou Redmond: I thought I had been doing poses the right way, like Downward Facing Dog. I was completely wrong—*facepalm*. It really helps you strengthen your personal practice. It makes going to yoga classes that much more exciting. 

PFY: How have you improved your understanding of yoga?

Amanda Amatucci: Up until the point of participating in teacher training, I’ve only focused on the third limb of yoga—the asana (physical) practice. There is more than meets the eye. I have deepened my knowledge of the other seven limbs of yoga. Stacey and Carrie helped expose me to the subtler, more spiritual side of my yoga practice. 

PFY: Do you plan to teach yoga classes?

LR: Going into the training, I wasn’t sure how much I’d actually want to teach a yoga class. But Stacey and Carrie lit a spark inside! I love teaching. I can’t wait to continue subbing classes at Powerflow Yoga Clifton.

AA: Absolutely! I’d love to be able to teach a yoga class at Powerflow Yoga. This community has already given me so much. Now I want to give back!

PFY: How does this training help you find your voice?

AA: I found it most helpful to learn from the other trainees. The diverse perspectives and personalities create a multifaceted experience. You begin to discover more about your true self as you watch your fellow trainees do the same. 

PFY: What advice do you have for people who are thinking about taking a teacher training?

LR: This sounds cliche, but DO IT. It’s an experience of personal growth that extends far beyond your yoga mat. It will challenge you, strengthen you and enlighten you. You will meet amazing people and lifelong friends. It’s an experience you will take with you forever. 

AA: DO IT! Your intention for teacher training doesn’t have to be to teach a yoga class. It can be something you do solely for yourself. You can enroll for personal growth or to deepen your yogic knowledge.

Our next yoga teacher could be you. When was the last time you did something for yourself? Apply today!

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