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PFY Eats: A Yummy Recipe From Andrea Scaramelli

Hungry? Us too! We need healthy, summer-y snacks after our hot yoga class, and popular PFY teacherAndrea Scaramelli has a really yummy–and easy–recipe. She loves to eat Avocado Toast:

So here are the ingredients and instructions for Andrea’s Avocado Toast:

1. Good piece of toasted bread drizzeld with olive oil
2. Generous serving of Haas avocado, mashed up in a bowl
3. Spread on toast and season with sea salt and pepper
4. Add a splash of hot sauce and a teeny squeeze of lemon juice

Bonus: It’s super healthy. An article from Bon Appetit says the healthy fats will fill you up, and they are necessary for optimal brain functioning. But stick a serving of 1/4 to 1/2 of an avocado. You can eat this snack one or two times a day.

Thanks for this delicious idea, Andrea. If you need a thirst quencher, she highly recommends watermelon. “Eat it super cold. It is an amazingly great treat in the summer.” Tell her how you liked it at her classes.

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