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Teacher Feature: PFY TT Grad Siobhan Wright Rocks Her Classes

Siobhan Wright graduated from PFY Teacher Training in Fall 2014. And just so you know for sure, her name is pronounced like Shiv-awn. Since her TT, she has blown up our studios with her amazing classes. They are strong, precise, creative and also packed! Learn more about Siobhan below. Find out what motivates her and how her life has changed since the training. Siobhan highly recommends PFY TT, and it completely changed her life for the better. Now she is a full-time yoga teacher. If you’re interested in PFY TT, you can meet the PFY TT leaders, Julie Gurevich and Heather Sheridan tomorrow at 7:30 pm in Bloomfield. These two amazing womenare hosting a sample class and will answer your questions afterward. Be sure toRSVP.

In the meantime, here’s a PFY Teacher Feature on Siobhan:

Kristen Kemp: How did you grow or change most during TT?
Siobhan Wright: I began to realize that I could clear the chatter in my mind and truly come to the moment. It allowed me to let go of the things that were no longer serving me. 
KK: What was your favorite part of TT?
 My favorite part was learning about the anatomy behind the yoga asanas. Rhonda, Heather and Julie helped to make sense of the whys and hows of each pose. I also was able to go into auditions and teach confidently.
KK: How would you describe Julie and Heather as your teachers?
SW: Heather and Julie are strong teachers, and they will whip you into shape. They both have intention and conviction behind their teaching methods, and they will give you a sense of empowerment.
KK: What are your goals now that you’ve completed the program?
SW: My goal is to continue teaching strong, smart and creative classes for as long as people will come! I try to take as many classes with as many different teachers I can so that I continue to feel inspired. Teachers like Emma Kealy, MJ Turnbull, Jessie Shapiro, and the Scaramelli sisters, Andrea and Allison, always help spark my creativity.
KK: Why would you recommend this TT to others?
SW: If you want to deepen your practice, this training will certainly do that for you. And if you want to teach, this is definitely the training for you!
KK: How did you squeeze TT into your busy life?
SW: I had a full-time job at the time of my teacher training. Now I teach full time, and I LOVE my life. It was tough to do both at first but the body and mind are extremely resilient and tend to acclimate quickly. We had to do doubles, and I took 6 am classes that were actually pretty awesome. The doubles helped me to explore new teachers and helped me find Yin Yoga which I absolutely love and became certified in. Once you commit yourself to the training, everything begins to unfold organically, and you find out that you are exactly where you are supposed to be.
Check out Siobhan’s classes for yourself. Here is her PFY schedule:
Wayne 6 pm
Wayne 9:30 am
Bloomfield noon
Livingston 6 pm
Clifton 4:30 pm
Chatham 7:30 am
Morristown 6 pm
Morristown 11 am and 5:30 pm

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