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#SummerofPower Instagram Challenge Was a Huge Success

We did it! The #SummerofPower Instagram Challenge is complete, and 205 yogis finished and won a free month of yoga in August. It was a huge success for PFY and our winners. We send you all–including another 100 who participated–a big, squishy hug.

During the month of July, PFY posted a pose of the day in the morning on Instagram. People had to take a photo of themselves in the asana outside. It was a fun way to encouage yogis to practice everywhere in the summer–on vacation, at the beach, at the pool or at home.

It was so much fun for Kelly Cullinane, a lifeguard in Paramus. She and her coworkers posted some really great stuff at their pool. “I did yoga last summer at PFY and loved it,” she says. “This was a fun way to get back into yoga. Our team swimmers and divers loved to join in with us.” They did a tree pose in the deep end, and they also got into an amazing high crescent lunge. Kelly and another lifeguard held two swim team members above their heads on backboards. “I can’t believe the month is over!” She says it’s strange now without their daily reminder text messages, photo-editing sessions and yoga pose practices. “But now we get to attend classes at Powerflow together, which is exciting!”

George Aliaga, PFY Social Media Editor, loves how the challenge helped people bond. One day in Montclair, two yogis were on the side of the road doing the pose. Another challenger drove by and saw them. She pulled over, got out of her car, and the three yogis took their Instagram shot together.

Another winner, Dima Korya, will miss doing her poses every day. “I looked forward to it! It’s bittersweet that it’s over,” she says.

But the fun on Instagram will continue, keep following and tagging @powerflowyogaNJ. And here are some of our favorite #SummerofPower Challenge quotes:

juliasward Last day! Thank you @powerflowyoganj for a fun challenge that brought me to my mat for 31 consecutive days and gave me a unique perspective on different poses. #SummerOfPower

niche1011 Last day of the #summerofpower #yoga challenge! I complated all 31 days, taking in 5 states in the process and getting back into doing #yogaeverydamnday. Loads of fun. #yogachallenge #vermont #goodbyejuly #helloaugust @powerflowyoganj

fueledbyrebecca: Day 31: I can’t believe today is the last day of the challenge! It has definitely been an awesome experience! The last week was certainly a struggle and I wish that I could have done more. However, considering the circumstance I can seriously say this is the#SummerOfPower @powerflowyoganj #SummerofConfidence

gaby.cavagna: Day 31! Last day of yoga challenge! I want to thank my sisters who motivated me in entering this challenge and to all the people (you know who you are) who I pestered (lol) into taking my pic daily throughout this journey. I greatly appreciate it! <3️ #SummerOfPower @powerflowyoganj The Completing of one challenge gives you the strength and determination to conquer many other challenges in which this beautiful world has to offer each and every one of us. My second yoga challenge completed! May my next challenge be as exciting as this one! I’m ready! #namaste #lotusvariation


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