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Vote For PFY For Best Of Essex 2015

Are you a big fan of PFY Bloomfield or Livingston? Both studios are up for Best of Essex 2015 awards, and we’d love your vote! We are keeping our fingers and yogi toes crossed that one of these locations will win this cool prize. Just think: If you vote for us, and we win, we get to put those Best of Essex 2014 stickers on our doors. We really like doing that.

You have to register to vote, but it’s quick and easy. All you do is register, activate the account by checking your email. Then click to the box that says, Best of Essex 2015 Nominees–Best Gym–Best Yoga. Scroll down to your favorite PFY, Bloomfield or Livingston, and vote. We would be so grateful.

Studio manager Kristen Brunello really, really wants you to just do it! “If you love our hot yoga, and you love our hot yoga studio, and you love our hot yoga teachers–pun intended wink emoticon–then please vote for Powerflow Yoga.

Vote and help us spread the word. Super quadruple namaste!

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