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Two Thanksgiving Tips from Raghunath

Raghunath taught a bhakti workshop a fewyears ago at PFY Morristown, and his words still ring true. Everyone in the sold out room was singing, smiling and attempting handstands. Raghunath’s style is to inspire you off the mat and encourage you to be courageous on the mat. He always brings an incredible amount of wisdom and also a strong flow that will make your shoulders sore the next day.

Move in this world the way your soul moves

For this Thanksgiving week, Raghunath had a lot of tips. One of the best ones, though, was that we should always remember to forgive and be kind. “This is the nature of your soul,” he said. It is our job to be compassionate and to love.

So love all week long! Love your in-laws. Love the people who are petty. Love even the people who are cruel. And love the people who are sweet, too. After all, we are our spirits, our souls. We are not our bodies or the thoughts in our minds. Your soul is peaceful, forgiving and kind. “Move in this world the way your soul moves,” he added.

No matter the weather, bring your own sunshine

Secondly, he had the great advice to stay more positive in our words and actions. He says culture drags us in one direction. “So if you don’t like what’s coming out of your mouth, change what you put in your ears,” Raghunath said. Bring more happiness, clarity and kindness by listening to positive music, watching positive shows and hanging out with positive people. We have another great idea: Do more yoga!

The holidays can be stressful. Yoga can help

We have a full schedule all week (with a few time changes so check). Get your Thanksgiving yoga this Thursday. And go back to class Friday to unwind from the holiday hoopla.

Check our schedule at your favorite location, and we’ll celebrate this meaningful holiday on our mats.

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