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We are offering Refine Your Power, a 300 hour teacher training this Fall

300 hour teacher training

Now is the time to do something really special for yourself. If you have already taken a 200 hour yoga teacher training, we are offering you the next step. This Fall, PFY is launching Refine Your Power, a 300 hour teacher training. This is the ultimate program to help you take your yoga teaching, studies, understanding and practice to the next level. We can’t say it enough. This program is going to be awesome. We’re hard at work on the training manual, modules and everything else. What you will learn is going to blow your mind.

What you will learn

We will teach you cues, anatomy, philosophy, special populations, adjustments and so much more. Our most experienced teachers will lead the way including Jody Domerstad, Emma Kealy and MJ Turnbull. You’ll get to spend one year with them in deep study on a convenient schedule. This will be the training to change your life and improve your teaching.

Get the early bird rate

Sign up now. The early bird deadline was just extended until Tuesday, 8/15. You can save $300 off tuition. We’ve also added free classes and Q&As with the teachers so you can see them in action and ask questions. The schedule is listed at the bottom of this post.

What your teachers have to say

Teacher MJ Turnbull says, “The 200 hour was the tip of the iceberg. There is so much more to learn and discover. In the 300 hour teacher training, you will study in depth musculoskeletal anatomy, injury awareness and prevention and the biomechanics of yoga asana. You will delve into the study of yoga anatomy and the principles of energetic alignment, thus gaining the confidence to therapeutically assist your students. These transformational skills will propel you forward on your yoga journey. Do you want to inspire and help others around you? Are you intellectually curious about yoga? Do you want to broaden your own physical practice? Then understanding the science and physics of yoga is the next step. We honor your past experiences and individuality. We are here to help you uncover the best in you.”

Her co-teacher Emma Kealy says, “I will be teaching alignment and sequencing. This training will allow teachers to advance and fine tune their teaching skill set and add more teaching tools and techniques to your teaching toolbox.”

Christine Joseph is our PFY Director of Teacher Training, and she says this training will help you teach a well-rounded, well-planned and excellent class. “You’ll learn about class structure, gain confidence and so much more.”

Sound intriguing? It will be. Come find out more at our free classes and Q&As listed below. Just be sure to RSVP for any or all of them.

Come to our free classes and 300 hour teacher training Q&As

Sunday, 7/30 at 5:30 pm at PFY Glen Rock
This is before Jody Domerstad’s 6 pm Yin Yoga Workshop.
*While the Q&A is free, the workshop is not. You can register for the workshop here.

Friday, 8/4 at 4:30 pm at Clifton
Free class with Christine Joseph is at 4:30 pm with Q&A at 5:45 pm

Monday, 8/7 at 7 pm at PFY Chatham
Q&A with Emma Kealy is at 7 pm before her free 7:30 pm class

Sunday, 8/13 at 9 am at PFY Morristown
Free class with MJ Turnbull is at 9 am with Q&A at 10:15 am

You’re welcome to any of the classes at any time, just be sure to RSVP to us and always contact us with your questions about this amazing training opportunity.

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