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Stacey Bell Explains Yoga & Your Inner Spirit

We have a really special 2-weekend immersion coming up with one of our most experienced teachers, Stacey Bell. It’s called Yoga and Your Inner Spirit and starts on Saturday, April 2 in Bloomfield. Learn about breathing techniques, meditation and how that works with your subtle body, including your chakras, koshas and nadis. Don’t know what chakras, koshas and nadis are? They’re fascinating aspects of your inner spirit and energy channels. Once you understand breathing, meditation and the subtle body, you will have more tools to find stillness and peace in your life.

We asked Stacey a few questions about her immersion–and her life. You can find out more about what she will be teaching. You will even learn about her favorite desserts. (Maybe you’ll want to bring your teacher a gift.)

PFY: How would you describe this immersion weekend in just one sentence?

SB: Yoga and the Inner Spirit is an immersion into the fourth limb of the practice–pranayama.

PFY: What are three things students will definitely take away from your series?

SB: First, a home pranayama–or breathing–practice. Second, a knowledge of yogic philosophy and the importance of pranayama on the path. Third, an awareness of the beautiful subtle body landscape.

PFY: What is your favorite dessert?

SB: In a yogic context, I’d say my favorite dessert is meditation because whatever follows pranayama will be sweet and rich! Otherwise, Oreo ice cream and tiramisu.

PFY: What is your favorite pose?

SB: I love them all because there is so much to discover in each shape. However, Sukhasana (cross-legged seated position) and virasana (kneeling) provide me the best seat to discover my Self.

PFY: Why did you want to teach this intensive?

SB: I have a deep love and appreciation for these subtle and powerful practices. My foundation is in Kripalu yoga (which is a Tantric lineage), so I began learning these techniques over two decades ago. They have remained at the heart of my practice and my teaching. I am grateful and excited to be sharing them with my PFY community.

Have more questions for Stacey? Ask her here. And be sure to save your spot in Yoga and the Inner Spirit by applying here.

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