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14 Tips to Go From Yoga To Happy Hour

We’ve all been there. You want to go to yoga, but you also want to meet your friends for Happy Hour. Priorities?! Well, I say go to both! It’s important to get your workout in, but it’s also important to spend time with your besties! Now for the bigger issue: You don’t have time to run home before you meet your friends.

How do you show up looking decent after a sweaty class?

Fortunately, I’m an expert on this topic and have 14 tips for going straight from yoga to Happy Hour. These totally work for me!

1. Wet your hair before class. If you’re like me and have a ton of hair, it doesn’t always look or feel great after a good class. I like to wet my hair before I go in to class and brush it in to a bun. That way when I come out of class, yes, I have been sweating, but it’s still wet from rinsing it. So when I brush it out, it still looks like I just showered.

2. Pack a mini-mousse or hair spray if you want to keep your hair down down, or just brush it back up in to a new bun. Add a headband for an even cuter up-do!

3. You can also go for the hat approach. Brush out all of your hair and then cover it up with your baseball cap or fedora.

4. If you don’t want wet your hair, keep a travel size dry shampoo in your bag. You can use it to soak up unwanted sweat and oil to help you get away with not showering after class.

5. Wear as much as you can to class. That way you don’t have a ton of stuff getting wrinkled in your bag. Change into your yoga clothes at the studio and rewear the outfit you came in.

6. Pick a light and flowy shirt that you can easily slip off before class and back on after class. I usually pick a longer one so it covers my butt in the tight spandex!

7. Bring an extra pair of black yoga pants or capris that look good for going out. This makes deciding what to wear super easy.

8. Wear a sports bra that’s comfortable but also supportive for when you put on a real shirt over it. Yes, it’s wet. But you are in a hurry to get to Happy Hour, and it will dry.

9. If you’re wearing a sports bra with a cute color or pattern, you can pick a shirt that has slits or cut outs to show it off.

10. In the winter, grab a long, flowy sweater. I suggest black in case you’re still sweating a bit.

11. Always have a spray deodorant in your yoga bag. I find them the best when on the go, it’s easy to spray on under your shirt, and you don’t have to worry about it getting on your clothes while you’re rushing to get dressed. Many PFY studios have spray deodorant available in their changing rooms.

12. If you don’t have the time or energy to do your makeup, have a mini Cover Girl tinted moisturizer on hand. It will cover up your rosey cheeks from the hot class, and you’ll still feel like you have some kind of makeup on for your night out.

13. Go with shoes that will be comfortable for all of your travels: Your walk to yoga, your walk to the train, your walk to Happy Hour etc. If it’s summer, you can go with flip flps, TOM’s or even a cute pair of Nike’s. If it’s winter, a cozy pair of UGGs never fails!

14. Finally, make sure your yoga bag isn’t too bulky since you’ll be bringing it out with you. I like to go with a backpack–that way it’s comfortable to carry and easy to store once I get to my destination.

So there you have it. Some cheats for sneaking out of yoga class and going out with minimal time and effort. I do these things all the time. Remember, you can alway shower and clean up when you get in for the night. It’s perfectly fine to get your sweat on and enjoy some time with your friends first!

Happy weekend everyone!

Colleen Shea

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