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Special New Year’s Yoga Classes! Jody! Seth & Ali! More!

They say that whatever you do on the first day of the year is what you will wind up doing all year long. So take this great advice and hit a New Year’s–or New Year’s Eve–yoga class tonight and tomorrow. We have ammended but full schedules at most of the studios today and tomorrow.

All of the classes are special, but there are two you better sign up for now to get your spot. Tonight, Jody Domerstad is teaching the special New Year’s Eve class in Glen Rock at 10:30 p.m. till a few minutes after midnight. Expect a great flow and music with a mindful meditation. The other biggie is Seth Weisberg and Alison McCue’s New Year’s Day class in Bloomfield from 3 to 4:30 p.m. Alison said their co-taught class will be, “Hot and sweaty vinyasa yoga designed to empty and wring you out and make space for whatever good is coming in 2015.” Expect jokes and singing in this class.

Jody Domerstad, on her first official night back to work after her brain surgery earlier this year, won’t say much about her special class tonight. “I can’t ruin the surprise. You’ll have to come and see.”

–Kristen Kemp (I teach the New Year’s class at noon in Bloomfield for sweaty, flowy fun! All of these classes will have a little something special, so just pick your time and do some yoga to start your year off right.)
New Year’s Eve, 12-31

noon Andrea Evans

noon Heather Sheridan
4:30 pm Deb Donnally

noon Kim Copeland
4:30 pm Andrea Evans

Glen Rock
noon Chris SantaMaria
10:30 pm New Year’s Eve Yoga with Jody Domerstad

noon Annette Mulligan

noon Jeff Scios
4:30 pm Jessie Shapiro
6 pm Marina Bednar

4 pm Kristen Kemp
New Year’s Day, 1-1

noon Kristen Kemp
3 pm Seth and Ali

9:30 am Crystal Paone
noon Emma Kealy
4:30 pm Michal Lichtman
5:45 pm Emma Kealy

11 am Meghan Hunter

Glen Rock
4 pm Chris SantaMaria

10 am Jeffrey Scios

9:30 am Susie Murphy
4:30 p, Deb Donnally

9:30 am MJ Turnbull
noon Lisa Kaplan
4:30 pm Allison Scaramelli
6 pm Lisa Kaplan
7:30 pm Crystal Paone

1 pm Denise Egan

11 am Hillary Cohen
4:30 pm Kristen Brunello


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