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Who is Raghunath? Find Out Sunday

Who is this Raghunath guy, you ask? He’s a really cool dude who teaches yoga like a rockstar. That makes sense because was a punk rock star in New York City for years. He traded his hard-partying lifestyle for yoga, eventually becoming a monk in India. Now this ex-punk, ex-monk has five children and travels around the world teaching and singing. He will be at PFY Bloomfield this Sunday for his famous Flight School workshop from 2 to 4 p.m.

His style is unique, and his ideas are big. His voice is amazing, and he’ll open up the class playing his harmonium and singing. Then he’ll get his students moving. If you go, you’ll experience a challenging but accessible vinyasa with transitions from one pose to the next. This is stuff you probably haven’t seen before, and you’ll make progress on your poses.

For the people who want to go upside down, there’s plenty of that in flight school, too. Expect to do jump ups, kick ups, press ups, you name it. This workshops has a lot to offer all levels from beginners to the most advanced.

So check out Raghunath this Sunday. You will not regret it. If you’re looking for inspiration for 2015, go see Raghunath. He’s one of the best.

Raghunath Flight School

When: Sunday, January 4 from 2 to 4 pm
Where: PFY Bloomfield
71 Washington St.
Cost: $45 online or $50 the day of, sign up here

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