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Power Story: How Hot Yoga Has Benefitted One Yogi, James Serafin

Read this email below, sent to us by dedicated yogi James Serafin, at left with his son and dog. He completed the 20 in 30 challenge and decided to let us know how PFY has changed his life for the better. He is a true Power Story, and we are honored that our studios have served him well. We are honored for each of our students, including you. Now just check out what James had to say:

“Dear Powerflow,

My name is James Serafin, and I’ve been attending Powerflow Yoga classes since November of 2013. As a middle-aged male who had unfortunately abused my body with years of intense weight training, poor stretching, various pulls, strains and injuries and even a few knee surgeries, I was the last person one would expect to gravitate to hot yoga. I’m glad I did.

Not only has Powerflow helped me become more flexible, but I have found it restorative to my body, too. Most importantly, as a high school teacher for over 25 years and a sports official for the last four years and dealing with a multitude of stressfull situations, I have added tools to my arsenal of effective ways to decrease the stress and anxiety that presents itself. The added benefits of the meditative, calming techniques that I have learned while practicing hot yoga is something that I never would have been exposed to. I have found myself being a better educator, official, father and basic human being as well.

After I completed my first 20 in 30 Powerflow Challenge a few months ago, I felt a sense of accomplishment, so I was excited when I heard about another Powerflow 20 in 30 Challenge but with an added Bonus Round of 20 classes in 30 days, AND one must visit all 10 Powerflow studios as part of those 20 classes. Full disclosure: As a teacher, my spring vacation happened to coincide with the start of the challenge. That gave me the opportunity to plan, organize and actually travel to all 10 studios in a short period of time. Because I live in Waldwick, NJ (Bergen County), I probably would not have had the opportunity to travel to such beautiful cities, town and studios in Chatham, Livingstong, Morristown, Hoboken and Bloomfield to name a few.

After I reached my goad of attending 20 classes in 30 days during the latter part of April, I decided to document my month of visits with pictures of myself at all 10 studios. Ironically, due to my work schedule of teaching and officiating, I actually attended my home studio of Ridgewood much less than usual, but I think that was the intention behind the added Bonus Round Challenge. “If we expose ourselves to new challengers, we can only grow as people.” I must say in ending that I found the Powerflow teachers and staff were all extremely processional, courteous and helpful at each of the 10 studios as well.

James Serafin

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