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Teachers Raise $700 For Nepal In Hoboken; ‘Your Intentions Matter’

The community classes at PFY really do change the world. On Sunday, May 3, two teachers in Hoboken teamed up to lead a charity class for the victims of the Nepal earthquake. Rashila Amin and Heather Maher raised more than $700. We thank our dedicted studends–none of this would be possible without your contributions. Rashila and Heather believe you can make a difference globally with monetary donations and with good yoga intentions.
Rashila has been to Nepal, and the place is special to her. She explains that this was a big angry earthquake covering a vast amount of land where poor, humble people live. On the news, she was overwhelmed to see victims crying and helpless. “As a yoga teacher, I just couldn’t sit there and do nothing. I had to do my part and help in anyway I could.”
Heather totally agrees and was equally moved to raise funds for Nepal at PFY. “This earthquake reminds us all of the fragility of life–nothing is certain or permanent–and we are not always in control of our circumstances. This was also an opportunity for everyone on this planet to remember that our thoughts, words and actions matter and make a difference. Change does not alway come from grandiose acts, but it is in the every day small acts of kindness, caring and compassion. Our yoga community can absolutely make a difference, and they proved that two Sundays ago at our Nepal class. They came together to raise money–and create positive energy and vibrations with their meditation practices and high intentions.”
So raise your bar next time the teacher tells you to set your intention. Know that your thoughts become words, and words become actions. Heather says, “There is so much need for healing in our world right now and our healing happens through love, compassion and connection. When each individual is empowered, they are able to be their most compassionate self and take action with reverence. Our thoughts can create a powerful vibration through the Universe so each individual setting the highest intention at the beginning of class is so important. Our yoga practice creates awareness and this carries into our actions we then take in our everyday lives. Each student who shows up teaches me and inspires me. I am so grateful I had the opportunity to work with our yoga community at Powerflow and with Rashila. I hope our actions can bring some peace for those who have lost so much in this earthquake.”
लोकाः समस्ताः सुखिनो भवंतु
Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu! That translates to: May all beings be wild and free and happy, and may we all somehow contribute to that happiness.

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