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Our Summer TT Special Scholarship Student

Look at our winner!
Amanda Amatucci is our Summer TT Scholarship winner!

We know it’s a huge commitment to take a 200 hour yoga teacher training. After all, it involves spending 200 hours of your life immersed in study and practice. We have offered Powerflow School of Yoga 200 Hour Find Your Power Teacher Training on the weekends in the Spring and Fall for years. But we kept hearing from students that they really wanted a program that met on weekdays during the Summer. We are always listening to your requests and concerns. So this July through August, we’re hosting our first Summer TT. It’s the exact same excellent education with Stacey Bell and Carrie Parker, but it is in a time frame that’s perfect for people who are off in the Summer months. We can’t wait to get started. We have a Summer TT Special Student to tell you about who will be taking this training.

Our Summer TT Special Scholarship Student

It’s our tradition to offer a scholarship that covers half the cost of the program. That’s a savings of $1950. We look for candidates who show need, passion, commitment and other impressive qualities. We had some amazing candidates, but we could only pick one. We finally chose our Summer TT scholarship recipient. She is an amazing yogi with an incredible spirit. She’s also a high school biology teacher at Marlboro High School in Marlboro, New Jersey. We’re so happy to announce Amanda Amatucci. She’s an inspiration. Want to be in her class? Apply now and get the early bird special before 6/9. That’s a savings of $300. Here is a little bit more about this special student who will be a yoga teacher soon!

PFY: How do you feel about winning the Summer TT scholarship?
Amanda: Honestly, I feel incredibly fortunate to be afforded this opportunity.  So many things seem to have lined up and fallen into place serendipitously.

PFY: Why do you want to take Summer TT?
Amanda: Being a high school teacher, Fall and Spring TT sessions would have posed a great challenge for my schedule.  I was thrilled to see that Powerflow was running a Summer session and applied right away.

PFY: How long have you been doing yoga?
Amanda: I started four years ago, but I’ve been more consistent with my practice in the last two years.

PFY: Why did you start doing yoga?
Amanda: Really it was a combination of reasons, but primarily, I was at a significant crossroad in my life at the time, and I found myself looking for outlets that would provide personal (self-care) time, fitness and relaxation to assist in the transitioning. What I amazed me most is that yoga has been able to supply all of these components and beyond.

PFY: How has yoga helped you so far?
Amanda: Again, I’ve gained so much from the practice that it is hard to list just one benefit.  The one that has had the biggest impact on my life though would be how yoga has taught me to be a less anxious person. You take life as it comes.

PFY: What are your plans after TT?  Do you want to teach?
Amanda: I very much look forward to teaching yoga after I complete the training. I also hope to introduce yoga to my high school community, be it to the faculty, student body or both!

PFY: What’s your favorite pose?
Amanda: Downdog. Throughout a vinyasa flow you are constantly coming back through downdog.  It is the place in the practice where you are able to reground and regroup. It feels like home.

PFY: Most importantly, what’s your favorite song, movie and dessert?
Amanda: Song: Cool Nights by Paul Davis. Movie: When Harry Met SallyDessert: Not a sweets person but, pastries–Napoleons might be my favorites.

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