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What’s so great about Yo-Tiki? Come find out this Thursday!

You will smile, flow and maybe even hula hoop at Yo-Tiki!

What’s so great about Yo-Tiki? Wait, you don’t know what Yo-Tiki is? Yo-Tiki is an outdoor yoga class and party that takes place this Thursday 6/15 from 7 to 8 pm on Church Street in Montclair. The street will be closed, so 300 yogis will lay down their mats and practice together. It’s an amazing experience. Our popular teacher Cheryl Barclay will teach.

And this is our sixth year. We hope you’ll join us. We want to share this event with you. Tip: Arrive early to get a great spot! And go to the lululemon Montclair After Party after our class. Bring a mat, some water, your kids and a friend!

What’s really so great about Yo-Tiki

We asked our most dedicated teachers and yogis to tell you what they like best about Yo-Tiki. Take it from them. You have to go!

“Yo-Tiki is a fun, danceable, family friendly flow that aims to inspire happy, joyful feelings of freedom and celebration.”
-Cheryl Barclay, PFY Bloomfield teacher

“The most special part about practicing outside with such a large group of people is the sense of community. The teacher always includes some sort of partner interaction whether it’s in a yoga pose or with dancing. It’s cool because it’s an easy way to get introduced to a new, likeminded people. Afterward, you can grab a drink or a bite to eat since Yo-Tiki takes place in the heart of Montclair.”
-Marina Sajina, PFY Clifton assistant manager and teacher

“I love the music. And I look forward to redeeming myself at the limbo contest at the lululemon After Party.”
-Loretta Turner, PFY teacher

“I may be biased because I work there, but I’m truly most excited about the special surprise we have planned for our After Party at lululemon.”
-Nicholas Gordon, student and key leader at lululemon Montclair

Are you coming? Sign up on our Facebook page, or just come. Great! See you there!

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