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Erin Barry and Cheryl Barclay: A Diva Mashup Friday!

Take two highly talented yoga teachers. Add their excellent taste in music. Add their challenging classes. Add their incredible abilites to inspire their students. What does all of this equal up to? A Diva Mashup! Erin Barry and Cheryl Barclay (left) will co-teach a special Diva Mashup class on Friday, January 16, at 6:15 p.m. in Bloomfield.

Listen, this is going to be star studded. Erin and Cheryl have wanted to teach together for a long time, Erin says. So they’ll take turns leading students while the other does hands on adjustments. The whole experience will be set to their special playlist. Expect every diva from Madonna to Ariana Grande to Lady Gaga to Destiny’s Child and more, Erin adds. It just so happens that Erin and Cheryl are professional singers, too. While they won’t be singing per se (although either one could bust out tunes at any moment), they will be representing their favorite genres. Erin, also a New York City dancer and actress, is straight up muscial theater and rock and roll. Cheryl writes and records her own music with a special focus on soul and jazz.

“We’ve designed it to mash up the best of Erin’s teaching style with the best of mine,” Cheryl says. “Our music plays into the theme of each of us owning our inner divas, powerfully expressing our gifts in the world and playing with confidence and flair,” she adds.
Their goal is to create an uplifting practice that will stir the soul and make the body sweat. If students leave inspired and smiling, Erin and Cheryl will know their mashup was a big success.

Sign up soon, these special Friday classes in Bloomfield sell out fast.

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