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Show Jody Domerstad the Love! #JodyJanuary

We are showing Jody Domerstad the love! We are so happy to get her back at PFY Glen Rock and Ridgewood. Who is Jody Domerstad, you ask? Long story short, here’s the story:

Jody has been teaching yoga in New Jersey for 20 years. She’s popular–especially in Bergen and Essex counties–because she’s such an expert at what she does. She teaches an alignment-based flow with amazing cues and even more incredible dharma talks. She’s warm, friendly, giving and selfless. There are many reasons her classes are packed, and if you want to take her on the holidays, you have to pre-register to get in because she will sell out.

So everything was going fine until about this time last year. Jody was leading the 200-hour yoga teacher training in Glen Rock and rocking her classes there and in Bloomfield. Then one day, she was feeling badly and started forgetting things. She had a seizure and tried to go to the hospital. She couldn’t even drive, so a friend took her. That night, Jody found out she had a gollf ball sized brain tumor but doctors didn’t know how dangerous it was.

Lucky for all of us, Jody’s tumor was benign, but she still had to go through major brain surgery to remove it followed by a month-long stay in the hospital. Her recovery was slow and steady, and she had to take a year off. She had to relearn speech and reading–and after a lot of hard work, she’s doing great now.

Jody is so great, in fact, that she’s coming back! Jody will be teaching three classes to start and is also the Director of Teachers for PFY for the Glen Rock, Ridgewood and Westwood studios. She will train our teachers how to become even better at what they do. She will dedicate herself to listening to her students and delivering the best experience she can.

Jody told me, “Once I’m in the room surrounded by my community, my nervousness dissolves and for the first time since surgery, I feel whole again.” Jody is thankful to be back. “I am truly blessed by the outpour of support from all the students, karma yogis and managers at Powerflow.”

Come see what all the buzz is about, and we invite you to show Jody support by posting about her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #JodyJanuary. Tag @PFY or #PFY so we see it, too!

Here is Jody Domerstad’s new schedule:

Wednesday (starting 1-14)
4:30 to 5:45 p.m. in Glen Rock

Thursday (this week, 1-8)
5:30-6:45 p.m. in Ridgewood

Friday (this week, 1-6)
6:30 to 7:45 p.m. in Glen Rock

Jody reminds us: “Remember to celebrate yourself and all your gifts. Yoga is about remembering who we really are and sharing it with the world.”

Kristen Kemp


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