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12 Yogic Tips And Tricks

Need a few yogic tips and tricks? We’ve got you covered. We are psyched that we just finished an article about The 12 Days of Yoga for the cool news and community website called Tap Into Morristown. They asked us to help readers start the year off right with 12 pieces of solid yoga advice for happier and healthier lives. Of course, we shared everything we know, and we want to show it to you, too. Take a look at these 12 simple yogic ways to stress less, feel better and shed pounds.

Tip 1: Stretch
What’s the first thing a cat does after a nap? It stretches, and you should, too. First thing in the morning, as soon as you get out of bed, lengthen. Plant your feet firmly into the ground, reach your hands up and extend through your fingertips. Feel your side body get longer. Feel your muscles lengthen. Why do this? Well, it feels awesome. But even better, morning stretches increase your flexibility, release kinks, improve posture and reduce injury.  It also increases your blood flow just like a cup of coffee.

​Tip 2: Do Tree Pose
It was hard work getting that tree up—pulling out the ornaments and ribbons and strings. But it was also super satisfying. And so is tree pose. Stand up tall, press your right foot into the floor and bring your left knee into your chest. Open the knee out to the left and place your left foot on your right calf or upper, inner thigh. Avoid the knee. Do both sides for five breaths. Work on your balance now to save yourself from falling down for a lifetime.
Tip 3: Be strong
If you want strong bones, muscles and better mental focus, do Sun Salutation A today (and every day). It’s just an awesome, full-body workout and stretch. Inhale, stand up straight, reach your fingers up. Exhale, fold over your legs. Inhale, look up halfway and lengthen your spine. Exhale, plant your hands on the mat and step back into plank as you lower your knees and chest all the way to the ground. Inhale, lift your heart into a baby cobra. Exhale to a down dog. Repeat 2 to 10 times. This is a strength-building, moving meditation. It will clear your mind while it builds your body from head to toe.

To get the rest, click to Powerflow Yoga Offers 12 Tips to a New You on Tap Into Morristown.


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