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5 Reasons You Should Do The PFY Instagram Challenge (And Win Free Yoga)

Whether you’re an Instagram beginner or a hyper-active IG pro, we’ve got a new challenge that’s perfect for you. And it starts this Wednesday, July 1. It’s easy to do: We will post the pose of the day every morning in July by 8 am. You take a photo of yourself in that pose–outside in nature–and add the tags@powerflowyoganj and #SummerOfPower. If you play along with us daily, you will win unlimited free yoga at all PFY studios for the month of August.

Here are 5 reasons you should do this PFY IG Challenge.

1. It will keep you practicing and working on your poses.
2. You will connect with new and old PFY friends.
3. You might get more IG followers.
4. You can work on your photography skills.
5. If you do all 31 days in July, you will win free unlimited yoga in August!

To get you started, we’re going to let you in on a little secret now. The first pose on July 1 will be downward dog. Take a shot of yourself in that posture outdoors and get it all ready to go. Then post yourself with the tags all month long. You have nothing to lose and a lot to win. George Aliaga, our Social Media Editor, tells us the real best reason to do this challenge: “Yoga is like a vitamin. It only works when you take it every day, and we form these habits with repetition and consistency. That’s what we’re doing with this challenge. Yoga. Every. Day.”

Easy, right? You post. You win.

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