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Patrick Beach is Back at PFY All Weekend

15046973_1074891742619380_8370408625839013888_nBy popular demand, Patrick Beach is back at PFY all weekend. Instagram star Patrick Beach is known for his funky flows, incredible inversions, hip music and solid teachings. We’re happy to host him this Friday through Sunday in Westwood, Morristown, Wayne and Hoboken. If you’ve been to The Beach before, you know how much fun it is, and you know how much you learn. If you haven’t been, this is a must. Patrick is unique, inspiring and amazing to watch. He’s a super nice guy, too. We got to talk to him a little bit about life as a famous yogi, the yogic teachings and his holidays. Sign up for his workshops now because they are filling up fast, and we expect them to sell out. Scroll to the bottom of the page for the details about Patrick’s PFY weekend tour schedule.

PFY: What first got you into yoga? 
Patrick Beach: I was so stiff incredibly stiff before I started practicing yoga that I couldn’t sit on the floor without it being really uncomfortable. My mom noticed, made fun of me, then showed me a few hip opening poses that I practiced everyday. It was really calming for me during that time in my life so I began to explore the practice further. In the beginning, my practice was very simple. I did just those few poses and handstands using the wall for balance. Over time, we have some how gotten to wherever this current place is, and the journey has been amazing I feel very lucky for the opportunities that have opened up to me through the practice.

PFY: What is it like to be a yogalebrity? Do people ask for selfies? 
Patrick Beach: I really don’t consider myself to be a yoga celebrity or famous person of any kind. I am just someone who enjoys sharing yoga as a teacher and a student. I think celebrity is something that our culture currently struggles with. So many people want to be famous. People take action based on what famous people say. The world is so much more complex than small sound bites and product endorsements, yet the world moves so fast that is all people have time to digest. I believe I would be doing the same thing with my life no matter my level of following as a teacher. But yes people do ask for selfies. It’s fun and funny to me. Who am I to say no to someone who wants a photo?

PFY: What is your favorite yogic teaching and why? 
Patrick Beach: I try to live my life by the principles of the yoga practice, so I am not sure if I necessarily have a favorite. Everyday before I practice I recite the pure motive, “Practice out of a love for yourself with a desire to know the truth of your own being, and with a longing to benefit all beings, in all times and spaces. Practice because it is your nature to do so, there is no separation, it is simply a way of life.” Every practice is created to decondition us from life, to move us more and more into the essence of our being. This helps me remember to step away from social identities, not be attached to outcomes, and not be overly connected to things that are impermanent.

PFY: What is magical about learning inversions? 
Patrick Beach: I believe the magic of inversions is that pretty much anyone can do them with a good attitude and consistent practice. Many other parts of yoga require a natural predisposition to move in certain ways where inversions give you this opportunity to put yourself out there everyday and grow. There is a beauty in the sensation of finding balance on your hands, head or forearms. They can open many doors for building confidence and learning how to persevere over obstacles in life.

PFY: What is your favorite yoga pose?
Patrick Beach: Overall, I would have to say handstand. It has become something that is incredibly calming, yet I have the ability to continue to push the boundaries of what is possible for me. I also really enjoy back bending. Allowing my body to be open and exposed in new ways has been quite the adventure recently.

PFY: Where are you spending the holidays?
Patrick Beach: Seattle and Portland mostly, I think. I have been traveling a lot the last few months, so it will feel good to be home, relax a bit, and see my family.

Patrick Beach PFY Weekend Tour

A Complete Practice with Patrick Beach
Friday, 12/9 from 7-8:30 pm
PFY Westwood
$40 pre-registration/$45 day of workshop
Sign up now.

Take Flight! with Patrick Beach
Saturday, 12/10 from 1-3:30 pm
PFY Morristown
$50 pre-reg; $55 day of workshop
Sign up now.
The Alignment of Arm Balances with Patrick Beach
Sunday, 12/11 from noon-2:30 pm
PFY Wayne
$50 pre-reg; $55 day of workshop
Sign up now.
A Complete Practice with Patrick Beach
Sunday, 12/11 from 4-5:30 pm
PFY Hoboken
Price: $40 pre-reg; $45 day of workshop
Sign up now.
See you on the tour. Bring your camera and take lots of selfies. Tag us @powerflowyoga and @patrickbeach so we can see all the cool things you do.

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