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Apply for the Spring 200 Hour Teacher Training Scholarship

conormurphyWe think you should apply for the 200 Hour: Find Your Power Teacher Training that starts this Spring. We are proud to give this award, and we are on the lookout for the perfect recipient. This year, we will cover half of your TT tuition, saving you $1950. You will only be responsible for the other half and for any books and materials that are required. We believe this excellent training with Stacey Bell and Carrie Parker will change your life. You will learn how to teach yoga, and you will find your voice.

Teacher training changed Conor Murphy’s life. He is in the current class, and he won the last scholarship. He is dedicated, passionate and just so sweet. Does this sound like you? If so, you could be the next winner. Apply by Friday, January 27. Fill out the application and email it back to us. We will do interviews starting Monday, January 30 and announce the winner on Thursday, February 2.

So how meaningful is this scholarship? Just see what Conor has to say about his powerful TT experience.

PFY: How has TT changed you?
Conor Murphy: Teacher training has offered me a chance to step back and look at my practice from a wider angle. I have had an opportunity to learn what it means to practice with refinement from the perspective of 13 other trainees and the leaders of The 200 Hour: Find Your Power Teacher Training. Carrie, Stacey and Christine are fantastic. I have learned to take on the important role of guiding a practioner through vinyasa flow and teach poses intelligently. The biggest change for me since the beginning of this journey has been discovering a grounded sense of self-confidence, and that’s thanks to everyone who has supported me this past half year.

PFY: What is the most profound thing you’ve learned?
Conor: We learn many different aspects of the art and science of yoga with Carrie and Stacey. I could list so many important lessons that apply directly to their lectures. Most profoundly, I learned how to make mistakes. When I stumble and fall, I can laugh at myself.

PFY: What has the scholarship meant to you?
Conor: Winning the scholarship was a launching pad to what has become one of the most beneficial experiences I have had personally and professionally. Those who are close to me support me in my undergraduate pursuits, my on-going career in culinary arts and hospitality, and my volunteer time as an EMT. Powerflow Yoga has now supported me in my 200 hour certification, and I could not be more grateful. 

PFY: What are you plans after you get your 200 certification?
Conor: I plan to put my certification into action quickly after we graduate. I’m hoping to put a Community Class together in my hometown of Bogota at the public library. I will look to a few different non-profit organizations to put my teaching to work. And I’ll audition for Powerflow Yoga when the opportunity arises.

PFY: How would you describe Stacey and Carrie?
Conor: Stacey and Carrie are both charismatic and grounded in their teachings and in their group yoga classes. They balance each other very well, and I have described them as the Yin and Yang of our teacher training. They keep it real offering constructive criticism and positive reinforcement all along the journey. Christine has been the silent hero keeping the entire teacher training organized, efficient, productive and so much fun. She has dedicated her immense personal time to helping us succeed and her behind-the-scenes efforts did not go unnoticed by the future graduates. 

The next Conor could be you. Apply today!

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