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Yay! We picked a Spring 200 Hour TT Scholarship Winner!

Yay! We picked a winner! Jessica Miserentino won our scholarship for PFY’s 200 Hour Spring Teacher Training. She’s devoted, hard-working and a great person in every way. We know her well because she’s a karma yogi at PFY Morristown. We are happy to cover half of her tuition and support her on this life-changing journey.

If you want to be in Jessica’s class, apply now for the spring session that starts February 3, 2018. We’re also accepting scholarship applications for Summer 2018. As always, contact us if you have any questions.

Get to know Jessica just like we did. We asked her a few questions, below:

PFY: What’s your favorite yoga pose?
Jessica: Half Pigeon or Warrior One. One makes me feel relaxed, the other strong.
PFY: Do you want to teach?
Jessica: Yes! I have learned so much from my teachers and remember slight adjustments and words from classes I have taken. I would like to be able to experience the practice from that side of the class. I think teaching and the teacher training will show me me more about myself and be an excellent way to support people who also are on their journey in the practice.

PFY: What’s so special to you about winning the scholarship?
Jessica: I have been thinking about applying for it for the past year and everyone told me when the time was right, it would happen. Winning the scholarship made teacher training a possibility for me and is allowing me to take my practice further. I couldn’t be more excited or grateful!

PFY: What’s your favorite food?
Jessica: Eggplant parm. Yum! Shout out to Branda’s.

PFY: Music?
Jessica: Alternative rock. Music has been a major part of my life since I was young, and I listen to all different types.

PFY: Movie?
Jessica: While You Were Sleeping, but I can’t decide because I am the worst at watching movies! I have been to the movies like two times in the last five years.

If you see Jessica around PFY Morristown or at PFY Bloomfield in TT, say hi! Or you’ll find her in her favorite teachers’ classes: Deb Donnally, Michael Simpson, Kristen Brunello and Nicole Stambo. Congrats, Jessica! We’re super excited for you.

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