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TT True Stories: How Was Your First Weekend?

So how did the first weekend of TT go for our PFY TT scholarship recipients? Was the program what they expected it would be? Were they relaxed or did their heads explode? In case you’re considering a TT in your future, these three yogis tell you what it’s really like. This is TT True Stories!

Casandra (pictured with her dog):
“What blew my mind on the first weekend was being asked to teach a sequence, Sun Salutation A, on the first day of class in front of 5 other students and a teacher. What also blew my mind was the time it took to get the sequence out of my mouth without stumbling on every other word. I felt like I was Bambi walking for the first time!” She says it took her three times to teach it correctly, and she started feeling better about it at the end. Heather and Julie, the instructors, were hard on her, but also encouraging and soft. Cas looks forward to teaching with far less mind chatter and nervous energy this weekend.

She loved Heather and Julie and says their deep friendship shines through the TT. “Heather and Julie are just purely amazing. You cannot help but love them and want to learn as much as you can from them. Julie is calm and reacts to incorrect alignment in a determined way that helps us understand why we were doing it incorrectly and makes us practice until we get it. Heather is always making us laugh, but she does not let us mess up.”

“My mind is blown by how much I actually enjoyed myself on the first weekend! I walked in anxious and nervous. Yes, an incredibly large amount of information was stuffed into my brain this weekend. Yes, it was stressful at times because of how hands-on it is right from the beginning. Yes, Heather and Julie kicked our butts. But this is training, and it was fun!” Stefanie adds that there is a great mix of different people in her training. Everyone is eager to learn.

Stay tuned for a TT video coming soon. Find out how Cas, Caitlyn and Stefanie handled their second weekend in PFY’s TT training.

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