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TT True Stories: Can You Really Take 6 Classes a Week? Yes!

Could you take 6 hot power vinyasa classes in a week, including 2 in one day? (In yoga slang, 2 classes in one day is called a double). Some of you will be doing just that soon for the 20 in 30 Challenge that starts November 1.

The PFY yogis who are in our Teacher Training Program have already started this intense yoga schedule. It’s a requirement for their 200-hour certification. We’re letting them tell you what it’s really like physically and mentally. They also have tips for fitting more yoga into your days.

“It is very difficult to fit in 6 classes per week including a double,” explains Casandra Katsogiannos, a teacher in training (TT). “Due to my hectic work schedule, it’s been a journey trying to set aside time.” She’s honest when she says she got burned out in the beginning, and that’s when she toook a step back, got more grounded and reminded herself that she’s doing yoga for fun. She steps back and thinks about how much she loves yoga, and then she goes back to class.

Another TT, Stefanie Faivre, says she’s okay with her busy schedule. She’s also the fulltime studio manager of PFY Westwood. “People say, ‘Oh wow! How are you doing all of that?’ But now I’m realizing that my body actually needs the yoga and craves 6 classes. After a long day of work—cleaning, being on the computer and studying—I’m hunched over and tight. This schedule has helped open me up and has given me more energy and strength.”

But listen, some people amp up their yoga schedules and don’t even break a sweat. That’s our Caitlyn, also a TT. She says, “Don’t look at the numbers. If you love yoga, your practice, certain teachers, certain tunes, getting groovy and taking the time on your mat for you, then it’s really grounding and fun to challenge yourself that much.” She also adds that her favorite yoga product, China Gel, helps her make it through days when she’s sore.

How do you squeeze in more classes?
Casandra and Stefanie say you have to write down your class schedule ahead of time in your calendar and stick to it. “That way, you can see that you have to do it, you’ve already planned your day around it, and it’s harder to back out,” Stefanie adds. She likes the Powerflow app and picks the classes she’s interested in that are during the times she’s available. Even if her schedule changes quickly because of work, she manages to get her yoga in.

Casandra also says time management is key, “And when you sit down and write your schedule, make some time for yourself, too.” She takes a lot of 6 ams to fulfill the requirements.
Stefanie adds another tip for getting in more classes. “Focus on your commitment. Once you’re on your mat, there’s nothing else to worry about. And mix it up! Take a yin class, take classes that make you laugh because they’re so much fun. Take your favorite teachers and take the classes you dread because they kick your butt. Always switch it up to keep it fresh.”

That’s how they do 6 classes in one week including a double. Hopefully, their stories make you feel inspired to do the PFY 20 in 30 for yourself. That averages out to just 5 classes a week. Sign up now—the white poster boards in each studio are filling up. They are doing it now. You can totally do this during November!

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