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200 hour Teacher Training FAQs

What exactly is Powerflow School of Yoga?
Powerflow School of Yoga is one of the industry’s leaders in vinyasa-based training. Our focus is hot power vinyasa woven in with philosophy and alignment. Our school will give trainees clear instruction on how to teach skillful vinyasa classes. We currently offer 200 hour trainings and weekend immersions. Stay tuned for our upcoming 300 hour training. No matter what training you choose, you will leave with a deep understanding of the relationship between breath and movement, mind and body.

How do I sign up for teacher training?
You can now sign up online by completing your application and emailing your completed application us. Or provide your completed application and $500 non-refundable deposit to hold your spot to one of our lead teachers. Within 72 hours of receiving your application and payment, we will follow up with a welcome email. 

Is there an early bird discount and what are the prices?
Yes! If you submit your application and submit your $500 non-refundable deposit 30 days before the training program begins, you will receive an early bird discount. Please be sure to confirm the specific early bird deadline dates for the training program you are registering for.

Does Powerflow School of Yoga provide payment plans?
Yes! We offer payment plans for both the early bird and regular rates. Payments will be charged to your credit card on the first of every month during the duration of teacher training unless you have made other arrangements. There will be a $20 processing fee included in your payments. Any declined credit cards transactions will be charged an additional $25 late fee.

Do I have to sign a financial contract if I am on the payment plan?
We do require a financial contract to be signed for any student that will utilize our payment plan. You will be asked to provide your credit card information for billing, social security number and sign the form stating that you understand the financial contract’s terms and conditions. We ask for a social security number in case there are any collection issues.

Are there a limited number of spaces in teacher training?
We cap most trainings at 20 students. Our trainings are extremely popular and fill up fast, so we highly suggest you enroll early.

What is the teacher training cancellation and refund policy?
Powerflow requires a $500 non-refundable deposit to secure your spot. You can get a refund if you cancel 21 days before the start date of the training minus the $500 deposit. If you cancel 1 to 21 days before training starts, you forfeit any reimbursement. There will also be an additional $100 processing fee for ALL cancellations regards of the date cancelled. Any funds paid toward teacher training are non-transferable. Please be sure to confirm the specific deadline dates for the training program you are registering for.

What is the policy if I start the teacher training and I am unable to complete it?
There are no refunds if you cancel 21 days or less prior to the start of teacher training and there will be no refunds once teacher training begins. If you are unable to complete teacher training and are on the payment plan, you will be charged the lump sum balance of the amount still owed. You will still be responsible to pay Powerflow Yoga for the full tuition. We also require that our manual and other materials provided to you be returned back.

How long should I be practicing yoga before I sign up for a training?
We don’t have an official requirement, but typically you should have approximately 1 year of consistent practice experience. This way, you will have the foundation and language you need in a vinyasa class. It will be a better experience for you if you have already laid some groundwork in your own personal practice.

What topics are covered in a 200 hour teacher training?
The theme of our 200 hour training is Find Your Power. You will graduate teacher training with a new sense of confidence that you can take with you anywhere in life. Our focus is to make sure you are ready to find your voice.
We follow all of the requirements of Yoga Alliance so you can be sure you will receive a well-rounded and thorough training. The topics that we cover are:
1. Anatomy of the breath and pranayama
2. Anatomy of the body
3. Breaking down poses to learn the proper alignment
4. Safe and mindful sequencing
5. Transitions between poses
6. How to speak clearly and confidently
7. Watching your students for safety
8. Working with beginners
9. Understanding injuries
10. Assists and adjustments both verbal and hands-on
11. Study of the subtle body
12. History of yoga
13. The Yoga Sutras
14. The Bhagavad Gita
15. Meditation
16. Sanskrit
17. The business of yoga
18. Yoga ethics
19. How to manage a classroom
20. And most importantly: HOW TO TEACH! You will practice teaching for a large portion of the 200 hour training.

Can I still train even if I don’t plan to teach?
Of course, and we want you to! One of the main purposes of a teacher training is to self-study. You never have to teach once you get your certification. However, during the course of the training, you will be asked to teach a lot!

What if I have an injury, condition or am pregnant?
If you have any injuries or conditions that you feel are limiting, check with your physician. You will be practicing a lot of yoga during your training time. In addition, the training days are long and require periods of time when you have to sit or stand. If you get clearance from your physician, please let us know on your application and make your trainers aware of any injuries or conditions when training starts.

What requirement do I have to fulfill in order to receive my 200 hour certification?
In order to receive your certification, you must complete the following:
1. Payment in full prior to graduation date
2. 180 contact hours
3. Homework assignment and quizzes
4. Final exam
5. Teach 1 full practicum class
6. Take 2 to 3 classes per week at Powerflow Yoga

Do I get free yoga during teacher training?
Yes! When you sign up for teacher training, you get free unlimited yoga at all of our Powerflow locations.

Is there a minimum age requirement to take the training? 
You must be at least 18 years old to take the teacher training.

Does the training come with a manual and books?
You will be provided with a Powerflow School of Yoga manual. However, we will require you to read outside materials that you must purchase yourself. Please note that you will receive the materials list in your welcome email once you are officially enrolled. 

What if I can’t make it to every training session?
Yoga Alliance requires that all 200 hours are completed and that you have 180 contact hours. However, we did put a make-up policy in place in case of a conflict or emergency. You will be paired up with a buddy, a fellow trainee in your program, to help you. You will also have a mentor, a current Powerflow Yoga teacher, that will be an additional resource. For any hours you miss, you will have to get all the notes and assignment from your buddy and work with your buddy and mentor to make up the hours. You are allowed to miss 20 hours maximum. If you miss more than 20 contact hours, you will not be able to receive your certification.

What can I expect in terms of homework?
The homework assignments are designed to reinforce what you learned during training hours. They will give you extra tools and a deeper understanding of the topics covered. You will spend anywhere from 1 to 4 hours per week of homework.

What are my options after I complete 200 hour teacher training?
Once you complete the training and ALL of the requirements, you will receive your official PFY Teacher Training Certificate. Then you may register with Yoga Alliance (which is easy but has an additional cost). Then you begin teaching! Your Yoga Alliance registration will certify you as a RYT-200 (Registered Yoga Teacher–200 Hours). You will be ready to go out into the yoga world and teach at studios and gyms. Powerflow School of Yoga will also offer a 300 hour teacher training program that will build on our 200 hour curriculum. For additional support, we have several intensive weekend programs to help you study your specific interests. The possibilities are endless!

How do I get hired at Powerflow?
We are always looking for new talent to add to our schedule. Powerflow holds regular auditions for our locations. All of our teachers are required to audition. If you aren’t hired immediately, we encourage you to take the feedback provided, apply it, and audition again. When you audition, the Director of Teachers will provide you with feedback specifically geared toward helping you get hired at Powerflow. Each Powerflow studio is unique, and we suggest that you take PFY classes at your desired location to get a feel for the environment and style. Please note that getting hired will also depend on the specific need for that studio’s schedule. We don’t guarantee that you will be hired after training, but we do prefer to hire candidates who graduated from our training programs.