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Stacey Bell and Her Krikstix Will Be at Yoga Journal with Alison McCue

PFY’s very own Stacey Bell will be at the Yoga Journal Conference this April in New York City. Find her in the marketplace (it’s free to get in), and check out her awesome new product, krikstix™. Powerflow Yoga is so excited to have Stacey representing us at Yoga Journal alongside our lovely and talented Alison McCue who is teaching. Sign up for Yoga Journal Live! now using Ali’s discount code. (Hurry, that offer ends 3/27!)   Here’s an article by Stacey telling you all about her new invention that will help all yogis. Especially check out the end of the article and find 3 ways to use her krikstix™.   “I believe a healthy and strong power vinyasa practice is based on keen body awareness and precise anatomical alignment. Clarity and strength in our structure is the best foundation for dynamic flow. As a yogi grows stronger in their practice, they grow lighter in their expression. krikstix™ is an amazing tool that not only builds awareness for clarity and strength but can be used to release held tension at the fascial layer to allow for freer energetic flow through the tissue. I’m excited to bring krkstix™ to market to serve the yoga community to go deeper and feel better.”   My krikstix™ idea grew from an Iyengar Yoga concept. For many years, I studied Iyengar yoga with Mary Sinclair in Greenwich, CT. One morning Mary set up two wooded dowels with makeshift padding to teach us how to “lift our trapezius” for headstand.    When we used them in dolphin pose I did feel my trapezius lift, but more importantly, I felt an immediate release of tension there; my neck decompressed from the gentle gravitational traction; and I felt relief from the TMJ I had been experiencing. Needless to say, I wanted more of that!   So I made my own makeshift set and introduced the wood dowels into my private practice. This prop added a unique way to address neck and shoulder issues and my clients were grateful to experience the same benefits.   One client built a pair for herself and had the opportunity to share it with the guy who hung her draperies. Given his line of work, neck pain was an occupational hazard. She showed him how to use the dowels and this non-yogi, drapery guy experienced great relief! That’s when my client (and her husband) became my business partners. And krikstix™ was born.   krikstix™ is an amazing tool that you can use to refine, deepen and strengthen your asana. Sometimes, we need fresh feedback to execute a pose differently. Practicting with this prop builds deep awareness that your body will recall when you move through your power practice. krikstix™ can be used in a multitude of asana–standing poses, seated poses, inversions, backbends, forward bends, hip openers and twists. It converts to a single stik for many of these poses and can also be used therapeutically to roll, press and open your fascia.   If you have interest in learning more about our fabulous product please visit our krikstix website and feel free to email me.”   –Kristen Kemp

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