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20 in 30 Starts Tomorrow: Play Along with Sam and Carla Marie from Elvis Duran!

Today is the last day! Sign up for the 20 classes in 30 days commitment now. You can even call the studio and have them write your name on the board. You will not be disappointed. Join our 20 in 30 PFY All Stars Facebook group for extra fun and support.

All of our yogis are stars, and this year, we have two more. Sam and Carla Marie from Elvis Duran and the Morning Show on Z100 will be doing the challenge at PFY Hoboken. They will post about their journeys on Twitter and Instagram.

You can get into the social media action too, and win the bonus round prize. Out of your 20 classes, take 10 at each one of our locations. Take a selfie there and tag us on Instagram @powerflowyoganj or #PFYBloomfield (or whichever studio), and win a $50 PFY gift certificate!

Sam from Elvis Duran is psyched. If you want to know why you should do this challenge, check out our interview with him below. He’s done it before, and here’s how he will do it again. Good luck, Sam!

PFY: What do you love about Powerflow Hoboken?
Sam Rosalie: The people there are all so warm and inviting! By default, the class energy is the same way!  Never once have I felt afraid to try something in class or risk attempting a new twist on a pose. Even if I can’t get it, I feel the love and encouragement that Powerflow and the people they attract supply. That’s what helps you grow and keeps you excited to come back. I have been to other studios and that is not the same everywhere!

PFY: Why did you decide to do the 20 in 30 challenge?
Sam: I am a huge fan of pressing mental and physical boundaries, if only for it’s own sake.  This is a perfect excuse to do that, while completely benefiting along the way!

PFY: How will you power through it?
Sam: From the last time I did this, I know rest, hydrating and proper social planning for my month is very important. The rest will fall into place. Plus it doesn’t hurt that I will have a friend on my side the whole time!

PFY: What’s your favorite yoga pose?
Sam: That all depends on the day! Right now, I love Salabhasana, modified with two blocks under my shoulders. I used to HATE salabhasana AND HATE using blocks. I felt like it was cheating. I now realize it’s just a way to assist your body in finding the right feel for a move you are having difficulty with, and you will sooner be able to do it on your own!

PFY: Can we get your Twitter and IG, etc info? You’ll be posting about your journey, we hear. That’s so great!
Sam: I am @SamAndRadio for both Instagram and Twitter, and not to confuse you, I also have a yoga Instagram account @samiyogi. I did not know how the listeners would take to such constant yoga photos, so far so good. I will be sharing on all 3!

Are you in this year? We hope so. Join Sam and the hundreds of other yogis who have already signed up. Get set to sweat. 20 in 30 starts April 1. Hurry–that is tomorrow!


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