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It’s 20 in 30 Time–With A New Bonus!

You see the guy in the picture? That’s a dedicated PFY yogi named Gary Conte, and he has completed the 20 Classes in 30 Days Commitment three times. See how happy he is? It’s all because of yoga! Here’s how you can do it, too. Simply take 20 classes during the 30 days of April, and win a tank top, T-shirt or bandana. Sign up by going to one of our 10 PFY locations and writing your name up on the poster board. Each time you finish a class in April, you put up a sticker. You can take classes at any of our 10 studios, but just keep track of them on one poster board in one place, okay? Great, there’s more!   This year, there’s an added bonus round to keep things interesting. You must take at least one class at each location, snap a selfie while you are there and tag us on Instagram, @powerflowyoganj and #PFYBloomfield (or whatever studio). If you do that, you will get a $50 gift cerfiticate toward classes, workshops or retail. What a great way to get to know our network of dedicated teachers and yogis.    But don’t listen to us! Take it from Gary. This challenge is amazing. You will be stronger in mind and spirit if you do it. And you will make friends. Be sure to check out the 20 in 30 PFY All Stars on Facebook.   Gary says: “Twenty in 30 is a great strength builder. Every time I do 20 in 30, my practice grows significantly. Flexibility increases, which provides better alignment. Once you notice that correct alignment, you are like, ‘So that’s what it’s supposed to look and feel like!’ In addition, you get all the benefits of meditation–being more centered and having more mental clarity. I would recommend it to anyone no matter what their level. It’s such an accomplishment.”   And it is! Once you do 20 in 30, you will always feel proud of yourself for it. No one can ever take that away. This challenge really is that cool. Do you know Sam and Carla Marie from Elvis Duran and the Morning Show on Z100? Check out their tweets as they do the challenge in Hoboken.   So go ahead. Why wait? Go to your home PFY studio and sign up now!   –Kristen Kemp

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