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20d10539-f232-4f1a-b7c0-ca6964ea1109We did it. Well, we sort of did it. We made a Snapchat account, powerflowyoga, and we posted our first story. We took a video with Clifton studio manager Kimie Mittman and a few students after Kristen Kemp’s class this morning.

Warning: It is not perfect. But we’re learning that Snapchat is perfectly unperfect.

So please, add us now. We’re powerflowyoga. We want to see what you do on Snapchat. We want to get a glimpse into your life. So go ahead and Snapchat us all day long. We welcome tips and tricks. What kind of Snapchats would you like to see from us?

Add us now: powerflowyoga.

See you on Snapchat!

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