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PFY Plank Challenge: Win Free Yoga, lululemon and more!


How long can you hold plank pose? Find out at Saturday’s PFY Plank Challenge at lululemon in Montclair at 1 pm. We will give away great prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. When we hosted the Plank Challenge at the Yoga Journal Conference last April, one intrepid yogi held this tough pose for 34 minutes. Come beat her record. Or just beat the local other plankers, and win in this fun and friendly competition. Hold long to win 1 month of free unlimited yoga from PFY, one lululemon outfit, a $100 gift card from Whole Foods, 6 Juice Basin Juices and two $25 Dolly Moo gift certificates. All ages and levels are welcome.

Kristen Kemp is leading the PFY Plank Challenge, so we asked her for some secrets to staying up even when you want to come down.

1. Save your strength. It’s okay to go for a walk or a jog before the Plank Challenge, but don’t lift weights or do too many chaturangas before you go in for the win. Your muscles need to be warmed up (which we’ll do) but still fresh and not fatigued. We will fatigue them plenty during the Plank Challenge.

2. Play with your weight. At this challenge, you’re allowed to do plank, forearm plank and side plank. You are not allowed to drop your knees or hips. This is a helpful tool for holding on longer. When you get tired, you can switch to your forearms. You can shift your weight to each side of side plank. Pay very close attention to your body and shift from one pose to another to give certain muscle groups intermittent breaks.

3. Use your breath. Just like in yoga class, a smooth and steady breath will help you stay up in plank longer. Breathe in to a count of 8 and then exhale to a count of 8. Inhale and exhale through your nose. Smooth and steady breath keeps you from getting anxious and keeps your mind and muscles calm so they can plank longer. Instead of focusing on how tired you are getting, focus on how good the breath feels as it comes in through your nose and as it goes out of your nose. The girl who held plank for 34 minutes said her breath was key to her win.

4. Have fun. Some people who show up to the plank challenge are super serious. Their faces are tight. They hop around and pace a lot. The people who stay calm and don’t take it so seriously seem to be the ones who win. So make this a fun challenge, and it’s a huge bonus–and bragging point–if you win.

We hope to see you there this Saturday. Kristen will lead you through an inspirational talk, quick warm up, plank pose and a cool down. If the weather is nice, we’ll do it outside on Park Street. Either way, the music will be great, and we promise this event will make you sweat and smile. We hope to see you there.

PFY Plank Challenge
Saturday, June 4 at 1 pm
lululemon Montclair

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