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3 Ways to Stay Strong During 20 in 30

Let’s be honest: Doing 20 yoga classes in 30 days is hard work. We’re almost halfway through Powerflow Yoga’s biannual 20 in 30 yoga challenge, but you may already feel sore, tired or worn out. You may want to skip a class or jump ship altogether, but stick with it. By this month’s end, your body will feel stronger and more supple, and your mind will be clearer and more focused. 

Now, more than ever, is the time to be good to yourself. The 20 in 30 challenge at PFY isn’t just about posting stickers to your yoga calendar. This is your opportunity to take inventory of your daily habits. Pay attention to what you’re offering yourself when you’re not at yoga. Have you drank any water today? Is there really such a thing as too much coffee? Who knows. 

The truth is that you’re only as healthy as the fuel you consume. Here are three ways you can stay strong during 20 in 30. 

1. Don’t wait to hydrate

Ayurveda, a Vedic wellness practice complementary to yoga, reminds us nature becomes very cold and arid during late autumn/early winter. Bitter air is dehydrating, so your body may seem stiffer or more creaky this time of year. Your nose may feel dry when you breathe, or maybe your lips just can’t soak up enough chapstick.

Extra hot yoga classes will deplete your body even faster of its essential water and electrolytes. Be sure you stay hydrated throughout the day especially on the days you practice yoga. Most medical professionals recommend the 8×8 Rule: Drink eight 8 oz. glasses of water per day to keep your body strong and supple. Ayurveda suggests, since it’s so cold outside, we drink water at room temperature and warm teas like ginger or licorice.

Sweet Potato Protein Soup for 20 in 30 Yoga Challenge

2. Be a souper star

When you practice yoga in a warm room, you increase your body’s circulation and metabolism. Flowing and sweating through Sun Salutations accelerates your heart rate and torches calories. Make sure you give your body the fuel it craves since you will work extra hard this month. 

We recommend consuming lots of protein, the building block of strong muscles. Need a quick snack before class? Try a couple pieces of your favorite fruit with a delicious nut butter like almond or cashew. After class, enjoy some warm, nourishing foods like sweet potatoes, edamame or a hearty soup. These easily-digested foods not only replenish your body with protein but also rehydrate your body with fluids.

Hungry? Try this yummy Lentil Vegetable Soup from the Barefoot Contessa herself, Ms. Ina Garten. You’ll enjoy 25 grams of protein per serving!

3. Misery loves company

We practice in community for so many reasons but mainly because it reminds us that we go through the ups and downs of life together. When you’re feeling run down, let your friends hold you up. Graciously receiving support is an exercise from which most of us will benefit. 

You’re likely to practice yoga next to some familiar neighbors this month. As you continue to take classes, be the friendly student. Introduce yourself when someone unrolls their mat next to yours. After class, thank the people nearest to you for letting you do your thing while they did theirs. When you enjoy a yoga practice with friends, you will remember what strength there is in numbers. 

Good luck everyone! This is an intense challenge and you’re rocking it. We’re so proud of you. 

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