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21 in 31 Pep Talk: Halfway Point

Half Way Through 21 in 31

Where Does the Inspiration Come From?

by Dani Goldberg

I cannot tell you how many times I have put my name on the white poster board sign for a challenge month. After a month has passed, I have one lonely star next to my name written in bold letters, MAMA BOSS. I honestly have all of the best intentions to kill it, but then I don’t. As a teacher, my purpose is to inspire, to lead by example, and show my students we got this! Then, I fall shorter than short. I didn’t fail, because I didn’t even try.

BC (before COVID) I was teaching up to 15 classes a week and busy traveling all over the state of New Jersey to work. I suffer from a rare condition of being painfully early to everything. I could quickly jump into class then teach my own. But I start chatting it up with the karma yogis, and next thing you know, I barely have enough time to use the bathroom before showtime.

This time it’s going to be different. Why? Because I have nothing else to do! I have the same tank of gas from five weeks ago. Truth be told, I’m wearing the same sweatpants to boot. This time for 21 in 31, I’m not only doing it, but I have 11 classes under my belt! I’m signing in under a ghost name, so I can remain under the radar and keep the pressure off myself. Some people have completed the challenge and good for them!

I have also witnessed the other side of the challenge in which a student gets to a certain point, say, 12 classes, and loses steam. They never cross the finish line. Where does the push come from when there is no t-shirt and the end of the tunnel?

Where does the inspiration come from when it’s you and the computer screen yoga?

This is when you are entirely with yourself, standing between those battling voices that live inside your mind.

“Log in and let’s get this class, it’s going to be awesome.”

“You’ve done so many classes already. It’s okay to skip today, watch Netflix, and eat ice cream.”

Right there is why this is called a challenge. It is so simple, but so hard. Accountability is everything. Honoring your commitment is a testament to your integrity. For me to even take a class is serious progress. I need to practice what I preach; any effort is effort. As an old school punk rock girl, I will tell you what this experience has done for me. If someone tells me what to do, I run the other way, even if it’s a conversation I have with myself. I decided to keep my mouth shut, learned how to sign up in Mindbody. Now I’m just a random girl doing her thing, and may I be so bold to say, “I AM KILLING IT!

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