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20 in 30 Challengers Work Asanas Off

How’s your 20 in 30 Challenge going? Or maybe you keep hearing about 20 in 30, and you see the poster boards with stickers and wonder what all of the buzz is about.   It’s about the PFY yoga warriors who are working their asanas off to take 20 classes in 30 days this November. Only it’s not that simple. This is my third one, and I’m kind of dying. I mean this in the best possible way.   Here’s the thing: It requires physical, mental and scheduling heroics. Why do this? We all have our reasons. A yoga and fitness kick start? A reset? A free PFY T-shirt? Bragging rights? All of the above and then some.   There’s already been some major boasting and roasting going on, in case you have overheard. Last Friday night in Glen Rock, a few yogis were going on about all of the doubles they were doing. First, a double is when you take two classes in one day. Second, you’re only supposed to do that two times (two doubles) during the whole challenge. So, longtime PFY devotee Jeff Coster added his two cents and said, “The best double is a bacon double cheeseburger.”   But really, this is serious stuff for all of us. Just check out the photo of the hardcore back row at Jody Domerstad’s class last Saturday at 3 p.m. (More on Jody! That’s a whole other awesome blog post.) These people rock it. The one on the far left is Cass K., a karma yogi. She told me, “I really needed this challenge. It’s hard. I’m tired. But it’s so good for me.”   People in the yoga crew last Saturday from left are: Cass, Julia, Michael, Carolina, Chris SantaMaria and Melinda.   Oh and the only double I recommend is a regular class followed by a restorative or yin. Cheeseburgers aren’t too bad either.   –Kristen Kemp

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