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10 Reasons to Take PFY Teacher Training

We promise, the lovely season of spring will come—and quickly. Also this spring, due to high demand, Powerflow Yoga is bringing back our excellent and acclaimed 200-hour Teacher Training. This is the life-changing experience that will explode your practice and spinwheel you in new directions. We can’t keep this to ourselves. So here are 10 reasons you should take teacher training with PFY.   1. You can save money—but only for a few more days. The early bird registration price is good until Sunday, February 22. Decide now and $200 dollars stays in your wallet.   2. Awesome stuff could happen to you like it happened to recent PFY TT graduate Melissa Giordano: “Before Powerflow Teacher training, I merely existed. Now, I live powerfully and fully. I am open to possibility. I accept what is. And I create the changes I want and need in my life. With an open heart, I thank you, PFY.”   3. You will take 6 yoga classes every week for the duration of the 5-week training this March and April. Just imagine how your body and mind will transform when you get in 6 juicy, PFY classes that are included in your TT tuition.   4. Julie Gurevich and Heather Sheridan (photo left). They are your amazing leaders in your TT transformation. They are 500-eRYTs, and they know how to guide you in every possible way. You will spend so much special time with them.   5. “We want our TTs to truly succeed and become more powerful,” Julie says. She and Heather stand by their students 150 percent.   6. You get to spend 5 weekends with people who love yoga as much as you do. The trainees will become lifelong friends.    7. You will learn all of the following stuff and more: yoga philosophy, sequencing, alignment, nutrition, anatomy, breathwork, psychology and business. Mind blown.   8. You will break out of your comfort zone. And it will feel scary and fantastic.   9. You get to spend entire weekends wearing your comfiest and cutest yoga clothes.   10. You will be a 200-hour RYT. Imagine that.   Need more motivation? Then go see Julie and Heather in person on Saturday, February 21, from 10:30 a.m. to noon for a free class and Q&A in Morristown. Email them to sign up, to register or to ask questions anytime. The choice is yours. There is no time like the present to dive into PFY Teacher Training.

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