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Yoga Flash Mob Alert: Yo-Tiki Will Close Church Street Thursday

So if you see a yoga flash mob on Church Street in a few weeks, don’t be alarmed. Yogis are generally very peaceful people. And they’ve been gathering for this huge annual outdoor yoga event for four years armed only with mats and smiles. Join 250 of your neighbors on your mat for Yo-Tiki on Thursday, June 25, from 7 to 8 p.m. What is Yo-Tiki? It’s a free yoga class plus community celebration. Powerflow Yoga supplies one of their most popular teachers, Erin Barry, along with Tiki torches, great music and Hawaiian skirts and leis. Lululemon sponsors an after-party at their store on Bloomfield Avenue. Whole Foods will provide snacks. Need more convincing? Check out the video Erin just made.

Yo-Tiki is a true yoga party. Sure, people do lots of poses. But they also sing, laugh and get really happy (and sweaty). Because hundreds of people practice together, the energy stays high and uplifted. “The more people who come, the more the collective excitement increases,” explains Cheryl Barclay, a Powerflow teacher who has been to Yo-Tiki several times. When people share a physical and spiritual experience, it grows into way more than just a yoga class. Yo-Tiki blossoms into a thoughtful and joyful community-building event.

Erin, also a New York City actress and dancer, brings her wild signature style to the experience. This year, she promises the class will be a fun celebration of summer. She also feeds off the energy of the large crowd. “I do not get stage fright,” she says. “In fact, the more people I am teaching, the braver and more enthusiastic I get.” She says the first song on her eclectic playlist will be Endless Summer Nights by Richard Marx. She’s known for her mixes, her singing voice and her flows.

The great suburban outdoors also makes Yo-Tiki special. Yoga was originally practiced outdoors in India inspired by plants, animals and sunshine. “The best things about practicing outside are the fresh air and open sky,” explains Kim Copeland, also a Powerflow Yoga teacher and Yo-Tiki goer. “Doing yoga beyond the bounds of four walls make possibilities feel endless,”

Join in the fun on Church Street on Thursday, June 25, from 7 to 8 p.m. (Rain date is Sunday, June 28.) Come at 6:30 p.m. to get a spot before it gets crowded. Yo-Tiki is perfect for all levels and ages. Best part: It’s free and fun. Bring a mat, a water and a friend.

Hang out with friends at the local stores and restaurants afterward. Yo-Tiki is good for your body, mind—and also the neighborhood.

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