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At Home Yoga Retreat With Yoga Journal And Sianna Sherman

Want to go on a retreat with an amazing yoga teacher but just don’t have the time and money? Yoga Journal has paired with Sianna Sherman (in photo at left) to make this very thing happen—in the comfort of your own home at a fraction of the price.

They are launching an online 4-week experience called The Goddess Yoga Project with Sianna Shermanstarting on June 30. If you sign up now, you can save $50 using the code GODDESS50.

What is The Goddess Project? These are thoughtful lectures and yoga classes you will be able to access very soon. Sianna will delve into the stories of Hindu goddesses, starting with Durga, the one who is known to stay calm under pressure. Sianna will lead you through classes and meditation while explaining cool hand mudras and giving you mantras. Mantras are positive sayings and affirmations you can repeat any time of day, especially in meditation or prayer. Expect several online classes per week chock full of insight and information.

If you sign up now, you will get the $50 discount and an invitation to an exclusive webinar with Sianna live online. “For Yoga Journal, this is a proud, service-oriented moment of yogic alchemy,” explains Kristen Dollard, brand director of Yoga Journal. “We have the digital innovation married to ancient roots. We hope students will feel that we’ve made yoga accessible and affordable.”

PFY is happy to recommend this online experience to our students who want to go deeper. Yoga Journal has partnered with PFY at the Yoga Journal Live! event, and YJ invited our teachers to lead Bryant Park Yoga classes this summer. We have a slight crush on Yoga Journal. We love everything they do.

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