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Yoga for Athletes: PFY & NFL Got You Covered

Are you fired up for football today? Catch those Jets in Buffalo tonight. We won’t tell you which team to root for. We will tell you hardcore athletes that yoga is awesome for your mind and body. And here’s more proof: The NFL just released this video NFL Rush: NFL Players Do Pilates and Yoga. Jelani Jenkins of the Dolphins says, “It’s a chance to focus in on ourselves. And get rebalanced because our body is our work.” His favorite pose is savasana.


After you watch the video, we hope you’ll be inspired to head over to PFY Ridgewood on Saturdays from 11 to 12:15. We’ve got you sports warriors covered at Kim Crotty’s WARM Yoga for Athletes. “It’s an alignment inspired flow for anyone who’s ever played sports. I work on people who have injuries or are recovering from injuries,” Kim says.


Kim is a runner, college softball player and all-around sports gal who has been an athletic trainer for 24 years. She started this class to stretch and flex and strengthen everyone from seasoned athletes to casual gym rats. “My class is a compliment to their sport. It’s not a hot power yoga class that will kick their asses. It’s more about balancing their bodies on a muscular level.”


She welcomes everyone who wants to slow it down and compliment their sport or hot power practice. Kim and her students will work on any kind of back, knee, shoulder and ankle strains or surgeries. This class will be informative, fun and super useful for every weekend warrior.


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