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Chatham Raises $1667 for Phil Ott’s Girls

Students from PFY Chatham raised more than $1667 last Friday night at a memorial class for Phill Ott. Ott was a friend of PFY who died tragically in a car accident a few months ago. He owned a karate studio down the street. The money from this class went to the trust for his teenage daighters. Philonthropic–and totally talented–teachers Cara Landa, Crystal Paone and Emma Kealy donated their time to help get the flow going.   His daughters and their friends were there, and people had a lot of fun. Someone even got out the glow sticks.    “One thing I really like about chatham is we have a big group of loyal dedicated students. They are always willing to go with whatever the teacher has planned for that day even if it’s something new,” explained studio manager Emily Arciszewski. “They are dedicated to their practice and to the studio.”

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