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Yes, Even You Should Take a Yoga Teacher Training

Yes, Even You Should Take a Yoga Teacher Training

If you practice yoga regularly, consider signing up for a Powerflow Yoga immersion or yoga teacher training.

Too many people take yoga classes everyday without formal, beyond-the-class education. It’s like eating a lot of little crumbs and calling that a meal. You taste the rich, subtle flavors of an authentic yoga practice, but you’re unlikely to feel satisfied longterm.

There’s much to learn about yoga that simply doesn’t fit into an hour-long class. Fall trainings with The Powerflow School of Yoga begin Sept. 17. Check out three reasons to take a yoga teacher training below.

Yoga is a science.

In terms of information, yoga is not very well-regulated. There exists a lot of pseudoscience about yoga and its various techniques, of which asana is most popular.

Yoga is both a philosophy and a science. The science of yoga includes anatomy, kinesiology and neuroscience. In the PFY 200-hour training, you learn about the basic systems that create and control movement. You tie these principles together in the Posture Clinics, during which the trainers help you find the alignment of commonly practiced yoga poses that’s perfect for your unique body. No longer will different yoga teachers’ conflicting cues confuse you.

Modern yoga classes are challenging and fast-paced. A clear understanding of how your body and the poses should feel will help you practice yoga injury-free.


Yoga is a philosophy, too.

As a philosophy, yoga is fascinating. The philosophy of yoga includes theories about the nature of consciousness and the energy that moves you. These teachings can be used as a framework to help you better understand yourself and your place in the world.

Our trainers are teachers not preachers. They present yoga philosophy in a conversational, non-dogmatic manner. Yoga is a practice of self-discovery, and that which resonates with one person may be rejected by another. You’ll have some thought-provoking discussions. They’ll spark questions about who you really are—beyond a body and mind. But the journey to wholeness is ongoing, and you’re given plenty of space to form your own conclusions.

In the 95-hour Kids Yoga Training, you’ll learn yoga philosophy as it applies to children. Help your nieces, nephews, grandchildren or students develop healthy self-esteem.

In yoga teacher training, you’ll meet a community of like-minded seekers.

For many adults, proximity creates community. Friends meet while working together, when they move onto the same street or even through their kids’ schools. In a yoga teacher training, however, the communal thread is passion. When you expand your yoga practice beyond the class format, you join a community of like-minded seekers. People who share your interest in yoga and its benefits.

Make no mistake that a yoga teacher training is not just for wannabe yoga teachers. They are an essential component of any regular student’s practice. Can’t commit to a full 200-hour training yet? Read about the one-weekend immersion with Stacey Bell.


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