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TT True Stories: Do You Want to Teach Yoga?

The PFY TTs started this weekend, but before they got revved up to go, we asked our three TT scholarship participants if they planned to teach one day after they’ve graduated. So many yogis take teacher training to deepen their practice. Others want to turn their passion into a career. See what our three really think and stay tuned to TT True Stories over the next few months to see how their views change. Will they really become teachers? They hope so as you will read below. But in TT, everything can change! In fact, transformation is guaranteed.

Casandra Katsogiannos: “As of right now, the idea of becoming a teacher is a future goal! I don’t exactly have a timeline of when I will put my training to use, but I know I eventually will.”
Caitlyn Gill: “Heck yes!”

Stefanie Faivre (photo left): “At this moment, I do want to become a yoga teacher, but for me, this journey into teacher training is more about personal growth. I have been a studio manager for almost two years now. I want to become a stronger, healthier and happier leader for my studio and myself.”
Good for them! We can’t wait to share the rest of their journey with you in this new PFY blog series.

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