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Take Christine Joseph’s Free Class This Friday & Learn About PFY’s 200 Hour Teacher Training


Christine Joseph is one of PFY’s most powerful hot yoga teachers, and she’s also an invaluable employee. Take Christine’s class for free this Friday in Clifton at 4:30 pm. Stay afterward to learn about PFY’s 200 Hour: Find Your Power Teacher Training starting this Fall. Not only did Christine create PFY’s new TT program, she will also assist lead teachers Stacey Bell and Carrie Parker when it starts on Friday, September 30.

Christine is an incredible force. In addition to teaching popular yoga classes, she supervises the PFY directors of teachers, oversees our Bloomfield and Clifton studios and creates our 200 Hour and upcoming 300 Hour TT programs. She will be the TT assistant, too. She is an incredible woman you have to meet for yourself. When you want to feel supported, strong and uplifted, she is your girl.

So go see Christine this Friday in Clifton at 4:30 pm. All you have to do is RSVP. You can ask her anything after the class, and she’ll give you a solid overview of the upcoming 200 Hour: Find Your Power Teacher Training program. In the meantime, we asked her some personal questions so you can get to know her right now.

PFY: What do you love so much about yoga?
Christine: I love that it allows me to tune out to tune in.

PFY: Why is teaching yoga important to you?
Christine: Teaching helped me find my voice. Before I began teaching, I was very quiet. I was always very shy to contribute toward anything. I love teaching because I finally feel like I found my voice and my ability to simply give.

PFY: What do you think is special about the upcoming 200 Hour: Find Your Power TT?
Christine: We created a deep yet comprehensive study of yoga. It is all centered around the premise of compassion and giving students the tools to find their authentic voices.

PFY: How long have you been practicing? Where did you take your TT?
Christine: I have been practicing for 8 years, and I took by first training under lead co-teacher Stacey Bell at Garden State Yoga.

PFY: Why should people who love yoga commit to a teacher training? What can they expect to happen?
Christine: Teacher training is a deep study of the self. Yoga classes offer a great way to start the transformation process, and the shift begins. But teacher training pushes you into a different level of awareness and introspection. It really brings up the ability to not only give but to also receive.

PFY: What’s your favorite pose?
Christine: My favorite pose is extended side angle. It used to be my nemesis because I feel like everyone else made it look so easy. It was such as struggle to be mindful and to stay engaged. But I realized it wasn’t the pose itself that bothered me. It was what the pose brought up in me that made me dislike it. Once I changed my approach and relationship with extended side angle, it became my favorite pose because it taught me the most. I learned to stop forcing things.

PFY: What’s your favorite dessert?
Christine: My favorite dessert is my mother-in-law’s homemade apple pie that we eat on holidays.

She’s all yours on Friday at 4:30 pm. Take advantage of this time in her free class followed by TT Q&A. She’ll help you decide if the program is right for you. If you think it is, act soon. Early bird pricing ends August 31. Apply now!

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