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Stressful Week? Try This Yin Pose and Free Class

Yoga poseStressful week? Yin yoga is the answer. We want you to relax so badly that we’re offering a free yin class this Sunday at 5:30 pm at PFY Glen Rock. All you have to do is stay afterward for the 30-Hour Yin Teacher Training Q&A with Deb Donnally. It’s a wonderful program that will enhance your life. You will learn about this popular style of yoga that’s all about relaxing, restoring and rejuvenating. We hope you’ll find out more about the benefits of this powerful practice. Be sure to RSVP for the class and let us know if you have any questions.

In the meantime, Deb says you can do yin at home. Try Sphinx. Deb says, “This pose is especially great for sore backs and if you are feeling a little run down and stressed.”

1. To try sphinx pose, come to the mat on your abdomen. Keep the pelvis weighted. The ribs and chest rise and the elbows are bent to bring the forearms to the mat. Palms can be placed together to support the weight of the chest. The lower back bends and the sacrolumbar area and longitudinal ligaments become challenged.  Continue to use a little arm strength to press the floor with the forearms.  

2. Find the edge of what feels mildly uncomfortable, but not risky or painful. You can always release down a little lower to allow the ribs to support some of the weight. Arms can be brought further away from the body or come out of the pose entirely. If there is too much pressure on the pelvic region, a blanket can be placed under the pelvis area for comfort. If there is a need to deepen the edge, then the forearms can be crossed and lifted onto a cushion or block or the hands can be pressed down on the front corners of the mat with the arms stretched long for seal pose. The fingers are turned to the outside and the hands can be further away or move nearly under the shoulders.

3. To move out of the pose, slowly move the elbows out to the side and allow yourself to once again lie flat on your abdomen. Take a child’s pose. 

Try it out. Let us know if you love the way yin makes you feel. 

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