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Plank for Peace with PFY and lululemon Montclair

Do you think you’re stronger than a third grader? That little girl at left held plank for 20 minutes last year at lululemon Montclair’s challenge. It’s about to happen again this year, and we dare you to come beat Annabelle’s record. Plank for Peace will start at 9:15 a.m. on Sunday, November 16 at the same lulu. PFY teacher and lulu ambassador Jennifer DeLuccia will host this fun and sweaty event again.    We’ll give you the details below, but why don’t you get into a plank right now while you read about it?   Plank for Peace is a 1-minute silent challenge with a peaceful intention. You can do that, right? Then the strong, competitive people can keep holding themselves up to win prizes. One man and one woman will earn an awesome grand prize, and there will be plenty of door prizes for everyone else. Jen says this is all about setting positive intentions and building our Jersey Strong community.   While kids aren’t eligible to win, my daughter Annabelle is dying to go to Plank for Peace and try again. At age 9, she and her twin sister are allowed to come to PFY classes as long as an adult caregiver is with them. They really like warm basics.   So come, get into plank and cultivate power and peace. In the meantime, post your plank photos at WorldPlank 2014 and post them on Instagram and tag @powerflowyoganj.

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